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Formatting a Design Table

When you use design tables in the SolidWorks software, it is important to format the tables properly. This topic shows how to format a design table with:

Automatically Created Design Tables

When you select Auto-create or Blank in the Design Table PropertyManager, the SolidWorks software automatically creates the Excel file. Automatically created design tables include the Family cell.

By default, cell A2 is reserved as the Family cell. This cell determines where the parameter and configuration data begins. The Family cell contains no text, however, in Excel, the Name Box displays Family.

When you edit a design table, you can create rows above and columns to the left of the Family cell. The example below is a valid design table as long as configuration names and SolidWorks parameters are kept below and to the right of the Family cell.

Manually Created Design Tables

You can manually create a design table in Microsoft Excel by typing configuration names in the first column (cells A3, A4, and so on) and parameters in the first row (cells B2, C2, and so on). Cell A1 must be blank.

In the Design Table PropertyManager, select From file to browse to the Excel file and insert it in the model.

The example below is a valid design table as long as cell A1 is blank.

Design Tables With Blank Rows and Columns

When the SolidWorks software processes a design table, it processes each configuration in the column with configuration names (top to bottom), then processes each parameter in the parameter row (left to right). If the software encounters a:

  • blank cell in the parameter row, it goes to the next configuration name and applies the associated parameters

  • blank cell in the configuration name column, it stops processing because it assumes the design table has ended

In the example below, only the Default configuration is processed by the software. Because row 4 is blank, configurations C1 and C2 are not processed.

Invalid Criteria

The SolidWorks software stops processing a design table if it reaches invalid parameters in a cell. A summary of design table parameters is available.

If you enter information to the left of the configuration name column or above the parameters row, the SolidWorks software warns of an invalid value, and stops processing the design table without completing the remaining rows and columns. If this happens, some configurations will not update properly.

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