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Create mathematical relations between model dimensions or other model properties using dimension or property names as variables. When using equations in an assembly, you can set equations between parts, between a part and a sub-assembly, with mating dimensions, and so on.

You can use the following as variables in equations:

You can use any supported operators, functions, or constants.

To create or modify equations:

  1. Display the Equations dialog box by doing one of the following:

    • Click Equations (Tools toolbar).

    • Click Tools, Equations.

    • Right-click the Equations folder in the FeatureManager design tree, and select Add Equation, Edit Equation, or Delete Equation.

Existing equations are listed in the dialog box.

  1. In the dialog box, choose from the following:

  • Add. Click to create a new equation.

  • Edit. Click to edit the selected equation.

  • Edit All. Click to edit all the equations, in a list format.

  • Delete. Click to delete the selected equation.

  • Configs. Click to specify the configurations to which the selected equation applies.

  • Import. Imports equations from an external text file.

  • Export. Exports equations to an external text file.

  • Angular Equations Units. Select one of the following:

    • Degrees

    • Radians

  • Linked File . (Read-only.) If equations are linked to an external file, this field displays the path to that external file.

  1. Click OK.

    The Equations folder art\EQ_FLDR.gif appears in the FeatureManager design tree.

  2. Click Rebuild (Standard toolbar) or Edit, Rebuild to update the model.

    All equations are solved before the geometry regenerates.

In the Equations dialog box, equations are listed with information in the following fields:

  • Active. Displays the following:

- The equation is active.

-  The equation is not active. Suppressed appears under Evaluates To.

- Indicates equations that are linked to an external file.

  • Equation. Displays the equations. Equations are solved left to right (that is, the dimension on the left is driven by the value on the right), in the order in which they appear in the equation list.

  • Evaluates To. Displays the solutions of the equations. An icon indicates the status of each equation:

- Solved. The equation solves without errors.

- Not Solved. Occurs when you delete a feature or dimension that is used in the equation.

- Read Only. Occurs when you rename an assembly that includes an equation between assembly components.

- Comment Only. Occurs when you add a single quote (') at the beginning of an equation, making the entire equation a comment.

- Linked Variable. Occurs when the equation is a linked dimension name. Linked dimension names cannot be edited from the equations dialog. See Shared Values.

  • Comment. Displays comments you add when you create or edit equations.

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