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Selection Overview


- Selected items
- Items ready to be selected (dynamic highlighting)
- Cues for geometric relations in sketches

Select Tool

- Select entities
- Exit a command and return to select mode

Box Selection

Drag a selection box from left to right to select multiple entities that lie completely within the box.

Cross Selection

Drag a selection box from right to left to select multiple entities that either lie within the box or cross the box boundary.

Selection Filters

Specify filters on the Selection Filter toolbar to limit the types of entities available for selection.

Select Loop

Select a loop of connecting edges, including hidden edges, in a part.

Select Tangent

Select a group of tangent curves, edges, or faces, including hidden edges, in a model.

Select Chain

Select a chain of entities in sketch geometry.

Sketch Snaps

Snap to objects in sketches.

Select Other

Select items in a model that are hidden by other items. Right-click a face to hide it and see items inside the model. Items under the pointer and hidden faces are listed.


Select entities for loft, sweep, and boundary surface features.

Select through Transparency

Select opaque objects through transparent objects (faces or components).

Using the Magnifying Glass

Use the magnifying glass to inspect a model and make selections without changing the overall view.

Select from the FeatureManager design tree

- Select with the pointer
- Search for text strings


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