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Loading Additional Model Data

When an operation requires model data that is not loaded for a lightweight component, the software fully resolves the part for you, to gain access to the additional data. This happens automatically when you do any of the following things:

  • Right-click a part or feature, and select Edit Part, Edit Sketch or Edit Feature. The part becomes fully resolved, and you are in Editing Part mode.

  • You can choose to automatically resolve any lightweight components that are out-of-date. Click Tools, Options, then Performance on the System Options tab. Select Always resolve from the Check out-of-date lightweight parts list. If you select Indicate from the list then components that are out-of-date have a red feather on their icon in the FeatureManager design tree.

Certain global operations require that many parts be fully resolved at once:

To specify what you want to happen when you request one of these operations, click Tools, Options, then Performance on the System Options tab. Choose one of these options under Resolve lightweight components:

  • Always. All lightweight parts are fully resolved for you, and they are included in the operation.

  • Prompt (default). A dialog box appears, asking if you want the software to resolve the lightweight parts for you. Click Yes to fully resolve the parts and continue, or click Cancel. If you also click Always resolve (before you click Yes or Cancel), the option is set to Always.

NOTE: When a lightweight part becomes fully resolved, all instances of the part, in any configuration, in any open assembly documents, become fully resolved.

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