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AddMenuItem3 Method (ISldWorks)

Obsolete. Superseded by ISldWorks::AddMenuItem4.

.NET Syntax

Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Function AddMenuItem3( _
   ByVal DocumentType As System.Integer, _
   ByVal Cookie As System.Integer, _
   ByVal MenuItem As System.String, _
   ByVal Position As System.Integer, _
   ByVal MenuCallback As System.String, _
   ByVal MenuEnableMethod As System.String, _
   ByVal HintString As System.String, _
   ByVal BitmapFilePath As System.String _
) As System.Boolean
Visual Basic (Usage) 
Dim instance As ISldWorks
Dim DocumentType As System.Integer
Dim Cookie As System.Integer
Dim MenuItem As System.String
Dim Position As System.Integer
Dim MenuCallback As System.String
Dim MenuEnableMethod As System.String
Dim HintString As System.String
Dim BitmapFilePath As System.String
Dim value As System.Boolean
value = instance.AddMenuItem3(DocumentType, Cookie, MenuItem, Position, MenuCallback, MenuEnableMethod, HintString, BitmapFilePath)
System.bool AddMenuItem3( 
   System.int DocumentType,
   System.int Cookie,
   System.string MenuItem,
   System.int Position,
   System.string MenuCallback,
   System.string MenuEnableMethod,
   System.string HintString,
   System.string BitmapFilePath
System.bool AddMenuItem3( 
&   System.int DocumentType,
&   System.int Cookie,
&   System.String^ MenuItem,
&   System.int Position,
&   System.String^ MenuCallback,
&   System.String^ MenuEnableMethod,
&   System.String^ HintString,
&   System.String^ BitmapFilePath



Document type to which the menu item is to be added as defined by swDocumentTypes_e


Cookie specified as defined in ISwAddin::ConnectToSW


Menu string ("menuItem@subMenuString@menuString"); SolidWorks creates menus and submenus only if they do not already exist

NOTE: Use the & symbol to include an accelerator key, e.g., "MyItem@&File" adds MyItem to the File menu with an accelerator key. To display the accelerator key, press the Alt key in SolidWorks. The accelerator key is underlined.


Position at which to add the new menu item

The first item is at position 0; if Position is 1, the new menu item is added to the bottom of the list; this argument specifies the position of the menu item in relation to its immediate parent menu


Function to call when this menu item is selected


Optional function that controls the state of the menu item

If specified, SolidWorks:

  • Calls this function before displaying the menu

  • Display of the menu item is controlled by the return value of MenuEnableMethod

If your method returns...


Then SolidWorks...


Deselects and disables the menu item


Deselects and enables the menu item; this is the default menu state if no update function is specified


Selects and disables the menu item


Selects and enables the menu item


Text to show in the SolidWorks status bar when the user moves their mouse over this menu item; if you specify a HintString, it must be preceded by a comma


Path and filename of bitmap

Return Value

True if menu item and bitmap are added, false if not


Adding a menu separator:

' Adds a menu separator to a menu and a submenu (strings not shown as BSTR for clarity)

bRet = iSldWorks.AddMenuItem3(swDocNONE, iCookie, "@menuString", -1, "ExistingCallBackThatDoesNothing", "", "", "", "")

bRet = iSldWorks.AddMenuItem3(swDocNONE, iCookie, "@subMenuString@menuString", -1, "ExistingCallBackThatDoesNothing", "", "", "", "")


For information about using this method with the ISwAddin object, see Using ISwAddin to Create a SolidWorks Add-in.

The bitmap must be 16w x 16h x 256 colors. Transparency is RGB (192, 192, 192).

You can add a new menu to any one of the four SolidWorks frames (main, part, assembly, or drawing). To do this, call this method with the appropriate argument in the DocumentType parameter. For example, if you want your menu to be available when a part document is active, then call this method and pass swDocPART as the first argument. After you have added your menu to the part frame, you do not need to do it again during the current SolidWorks session. Once a part document is activated by the user, SolidWorks automatically displays your menu option.

To add a menu separator:

  • leave the text for the menu item blank, so that the menu string for the MenuItem argument starts with the at-sign symbol ( @):



  • specify an existing method for the MenuCallback argument. This method is never called, so its implementation can be empty.

  • specify empty strings for the MenuEnableMethod, HintString, and bitmapFilePath arguments.


See Also


SolidWorks 2005 FCS, Revision Number 13.0

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