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Study PropertyManager

The Study PropertyManager allows you to create a new Simulation study.

To display this PropertyManager:
  • Click New Study tool_main_study.gif (Simulation CommandManager).


Static PM_studytype_static.gif Creates a static study to calculate the response of bodies on which loads are applied slowly. The loads remain constant after reaching their full magnitudes.
Frequency PM_studytype_frequency.gif Creates a frequency study to calculate the natural frequencies and mode shapes of bodies.
Buckling PM_studytype_buckling.gif Creates a buckling study to calculate the buckling modes and critical buckling loads of bodies.
Thermal thermal.png Creates a thermal study to calculate the temperature distribution in bodies due to conduction, convection, and radiation.
Drop Test PM_studytype_droptest.gif Creates a drop test study to evaluate the effect of the impact of a part or an assembly with a rigid or flexible planar surface.
Fatigue fatigue.png Button Creates a fatigue study to calculate the total life, damage, and load factors due to cyclic loading.
Pressure Vessel Design pressure_vessel.png Creates a pressure vessel design study to combine the results of static studies with the desired factors.
Design Study tool_DesignStudy_Tools.gif Creates a Design Study to perform an optimization or evaluate specific scenarios of your design.
Submodeling PM_study_submodeling.png Creates a submodeling study to improve the results at local regions of large models without having to rerun the analysis for the whole model.
Nonlinear PM_studytype_nonlinear.gif Creates a nonlinear study to calculate the nonlinear response of bodies due to applied loads.
Linear Dynamic PM_studytype_lineardynamic.gif Creates a linear dynamic study to calculate the response of bodies by accumulating the contribution of each mode to the loading environment. The loads are not applied slowly and change with time or frequency.


Use 2D Simplification   Creates a 2D simplification study to simplify certain 3D models by simulating them in 2D and saving analysis time. Available analysis types include plane stress, plane strain, extruded and axisymmetric.
Constant amplitude events with defined cycles PM_studyoptions_constant_amplitude.png Available for fatigue study. Creates a study with all cycles having same load amplitudes.
Variable amplitude history data PM_studyoptions_variable_amplitude.png Available for fatigue study. Creates a study with the fluctuating loads defined as a history record.
Static PM_studyoptions_nonlinear_static.png Available for nonlinear study.
Dynamic PM_studyoptions_nonlinear_dynamic.png Available for nonlinear study.
Modal Time History PM_Modal_Time_Hist_Study.gif Available for linear dynamic study. Creates a study to calculate the response of bodies as a function of time.
Harmonic PM_Harmonic_Study.gif Available for linear dynamic study. Creates a study to calculate the peak steady state response of bodies due to harmonic loads or base excitations.
Random Vibration PM_Random_Study.gif Available for linear dynamic study. Creates a study to calculate the response of bodies due to non-deterministic loads.
Response Spectrum Analysis PM_studytype_ResponseSpectrum.gif Available for linear dynamic study. Creates a study to estimate the response of structures to random or time-dependent loading environments.

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