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OnClose Method (IPropertyManagerPage2Handler6)

Obsoleted. Superseded by IPropertyManagerPage2Handler7::OnClose.

.NET Syntax

Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Sub OnClose( _
   ByVal Reason As System.Integer _
Visual Basic (Usage) 
Dim instance As IPropertyManagerPage2Handler6
Dim Reason As System.Integer
void OnClose( 
   System.int Reason
void OnClose( 
&   System.int Reason



Reason this method is called as defined in swPropertyManagerPageCloseReasons_e


This handler method is called when the PropertyManager page is about to close.  


SolidWorks controls when add-ins can do work. An add-in is unable to do any real work within the PropertyManager2Handler6::OnClose handler because the PropertyManager page and command are closing. So, typically the IPropertyPage2Handler6::AfterClose handler is called after IPropertyManager2Handler6::OnClose to allow an add-in to do work. However:


If PropertyManager page is...

And you implemented the handler in...

Then you...

Not pinned


Can prevent the PropertyManager page from closing by setting the HRESULT return value to S_false.


Visual Basic

Should use the Err.Raise method with a value of 1 to prevent the PropertyManager page from closing. In VB.NET, use 0 with Err.Raise.


NOTE:  When control returns to SolidWorks:

  • The IPropertyManager page remains displayed on the screen.

  • The IPropertyManagerPage2Handler5::AfterClose handler is not called.


C++ or Visual Basic

Set HRESULT to S_false to close the PropertyManager page (i.e., ignore the fact that the page is pinned).

This allows your add-in to call the IPropertyManagerPage2Handler6::AfterClose handler and do its work. To avoid aggravating your user, who expected the PropertyManager page  to remain pinned, you should re-display and re-pin the PropertyManager page after the add-in finishes its work.


NOTE: In a previous version of this method, IPropertyManagerPage2Handler3::OnClose, if the user clicked the Cancel button and the PropertyManager page had a pushpin, then this method returned swPropertyManagerPageClose_Closed. This version of this method returns swPropertyManagerPageClose_Cancel in this scenario.


Managed code can indicate that a PropertyManager page cannot be closed. Throw a COM exception with an error code of 1. For example, in C#:
    void OnClose (int reason)
         // Throw a COM exception as an indication the PropertyManager
         // page cannot be closed at this time:
         // The error code must be 1, which equates to S_FALSE.
        COMException ex = new COMException("Cannot close PropertyManager page", 1);
        throw ex;


See Also


SolidWorks 2009 FCS, Revision Number 17.0

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