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Add Remote Load Example (VBA)

This example shows how to add a remote load to a static study.

NOTE: To get persistent reference identifiers (PIDs) for model selections, you can use pidcollector.exe or IModelDocExtension::GetPersistReference3.

' Preconditions:
' 1. Open:
'    install_dir\samples\tutorial\api\Mxd_asm.sldasm.
' 2. Add the SolidWorks Simulation as an add-in
'    (in SolidWorks, click Tools > Add-ins > SolidWorks Simulation).
' 3. Add the SolidWorks Simulation type library as a reference
'    (in the IDE, click Tools > References > SolidWorks
'    Simulation version type library
' Postconditions:
' 1. Static study static_Mixed6 is created and analyzed using
'    a direct transfer remote load and a mixed mesh.
' 2. Inspect the Immediate window for the remote load settings and
'    analysis results.
' NOTE: Because the model is used elsewhere,
' do not save changes when closing it.
' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Option Explicit

Sub main()

    Dim SwApp           As SldWorks.SldWorks
    Dim Part            As SldWorks.ModelDoc2
    Dim CWAddinCallBack As CosmosWorksLib.CWAddinCallBack
    Dim ActDoc          As CosmosWorksLib.CWModelDoc
    Dim StudyMngr       As CosmosWorksLib.CWStudyManager
    Dim Study           As CosmosWorksLib.CWStudy
    Dim SolidMgr        As CosmosWorksLib.CWSolidManager
    Dim SolidComp       As CosmosWorksLib.CWSolidComponent
    Dim SolidBody       As CosmosWorksLib.CWSolidBody
    Dim ShellMgr        As CosmosWorksLib.CWShellManager
    Dim ShellMat        As CosmosWorksLib.CWMaterial
    Dim LBCMgr          As CosmosWorksLib.CWLoadsAndRestraintsManager
    Dim CWContactMgr    As CosmosWorksLib.CWContactManager
    Dim CWFeatObj       As CosmosWorksLib.CWResults
    Dim StaticOptions   As CosmosWorksLib.CWStaticStudyOptions
    Dim errCode         As Long
    Dim boolstatus      As Boolean
    Dim pDisp3          As Object
    Dim DispArray1      As Variant
    Dim DispArray2      As Variant
    Dim DispArray3      As Variant
    Dim DispArray4      As Variant
    Dim DispArray5      As Variant
    Dim Disp            As Variant
    Dim Stress          As Variant

    Const MeshEleSize   As Double = 4.48279654351123 'mm
    Const MeshTol       As Double = 0.224139827175561 'mm
    Const Tol1          As Double = 0.05 '5%

    Const URESMax       As Double = 0.488 'mm
    Const VONMax        As Double = 93.8  'MPa

    Dim PIDCollection   As New Collection
    Set PIDCollection = PIDInitializer()

    Set SwApp = Application.SldWorks
    If SwApp Is Nothing Then Exit Sub

    Set Part = SwApp.ActiveDoc

    Dim strMaterialLib  As String
    strMaterialLib = SwApp.GetExecutablePath & "\lang\english\sldmaterials\solidworks materials.sldmat"

    DispArray1 = Array(SelectByPID(Part, "selection1", PIDCollection))
    DispArray2 = Array(SelectByPID(Part, "selection2", PIDCollection))
    DispArray3 = Array(SelectByPID(Part, "selection1", PIDCollection))
    DispArray4 = Array(SelectByPID(Part, "selection4", PIDCollection))
    DispArray5 = Array(SelectByPID(Part, "selection5", PIDCollection))

    Set CWAddinCallBack = SwApp.GetAddInObject("SldWorks.Simulation")
    If CWAddinCallBack Is Nothing Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "CWAddinCallBack object not found"
    If COSMOSWORKS Is Nothing Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "COSMOSWORKS object not found"

    'Get active document
    Set ActDoc = COSMOSWORKS.ActiveDoc()
    If ActDoc Is Nothing Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Failed to get active document"

    'Create new static study
    Set StudyMngr = ActDoc.StudyManager()
    If StudyMngr Is Nothing Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Failed to get StudyMngr object"
    Set Study = StudyMngr.CreateNewStudy3("Static_Mixed6", swsAnalysisStudyType_e.swsAnalysisStudyTypeStatic, 0, errCode)
    If Study Is Nothing Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Failed to create new study"

    'Add materials
    Set SolidMgr = Study.SolidManager
    If SolidMgr Is Nothing Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Failed to get SolidMgr object"
    Set SolidComp = SolidMgr.GetComponentAt(0, errCode)
    If errCode <> 0 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Failed to get solid component"
    Set SolidBody = SolidComp.GetSolidBodyAt(0, errCode)
    If errCode <> 0 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Failed to get solid body"
    boolstatus = SolidBody.SetLibraryMaterial(strMaterialLib, "AISI 1020")
    If boolstatus = False Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Failed to apply material"

    'Define shells
    Set ShellMgr = Study.ShellManager
    If ShellMgr Is Nothing Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Failed to get ShellMgr object"
    Dim CWShellObj As CosmosWorksLib.CWShell
    Set CWShellObj = ShellMgr.GetShellAt(0, errCode)
    If errCode <> 0 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Failed to get shell component"

    Set ShellMat = CWShellObj.GetDefaultMaterial
    If ShellMat Is Nothing Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Failed to get default material for shell"
    ShellMat.MaterialUnits = 0
    Call ShellMat.SetPropertyByName("EX", 120000000000#, 0)
    Call ShellMat.SetPropertyByName("NUXY", 0.31, 0)
    errCode = CWShellObj.SetShellMaterial(ShellMat)
    If errCode <> 0 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Failed to apply material"

    Call CWShellObj.ShellBeginEdit
    CWShellObj.Formulation = 0
    CWShellObj.ShellUnit = 0
    CWShellObj.ShellThickness = 3
    errCode = CWShellObj.ShellEndEdit
    If errCode <> 0 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Failed to create shell"
    Set CWShellObj = Nothing

    'Add fixed restraint
    Set LBCMgr = Study.LoadsAndRestraintsManager
    If LBCMgr Is Nothing Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "No Loads and Restraints Manager"

    Dim CWRemoteLoad As CosmosWorksLib.CWRemoteLoad
    Set CWRemoteLoad = LBCMgr.AddRemoteLoad(0, (DispArray2), 0, 1.2, 1.5, 1.6, errCode)
    If errCode <> 0 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Failed to create fixed remote load"
    CWRemoteLoad.SetLocationValues 4.5, 5.6, 6.7

    Debug.Print "Load type as defined in swsRemoteLoadType_e: " & CWRemoteLoad.LoadType
    Debug.Print "Force unit as defined in swsForceUnit_e: " & CWRemoteLoad.ForceOrTranslationUnit
    Debug.Print "Location unit as defined in swsLinearUnit_e: " & CWRemoteLoad.LocationUnit
    Debug.Print "Moment unit as defined in swsMomentUnit_e: " & CWRemoteLoad.MomentOrRotationUnit

    Dim binclude As Long
    Dim bxvalue As Long
    Dim dxvalue As Double
    Dim byvalue As Long
    Dim dyvalue As Double
    Dim bzvalue As Long
    Dim dzvalue As Double
    CWRemoteLoad.GetForceOrTranslationValues binclude, bxvalue, dxvalue, byvalue, dyvalue, bzvalue, dzvalue
    Debug.Print "Include force in analysis? (1=yes) " & binclude
    Debug.Print "x-component of remote force? (1=yes) " & bxvalue
    Debug.Print "x-component value: " & dxvalue
    Debug.Print "y-component of remote force? (1=yes) " & byvalue
    Debug.Print "y-component value: " & dyvalue
    Debug.Print "z-component of remote force? (1=yes) " & bzvalue
    Debug.Print "z-component value: " & dzvalue

    CWRemoteLoad.GetLocationValues dxvalue, dyvalue, dzvalue
    Debug.Print "x-component of remote location: " & dxvalue
    Debug.Print "y-component of remote location: " & dyvalue
    Debug.Print "z-component of remote location: " & dzvalue

    CWRemoteLoad.GetMomentOrRotationValues binclude, bxvalue, dxvalue, byvalue, dyvalue, bzvalue, dzvalue
    Debug.Print "x-component of remote moment? (1=yes) " & bxvalue
    Debug.Print "x-component value: " & dxvalue
    Debug.Print "y-component of remote moment? (1=yes) " & byvalue
    Debug.Print "y-component value: " & dyvalue
    Debug.Print "z-component of remote moment? (1=yes) " & bzvalue
    Debug.Print "z-component value: " & dzvalue

    Set CWRemoteLoad = Nothing

    'Create normal pressure
    Dim CWPressure As CosmosWorksLib.CWPressure
    Set pDisp3 = SelectByPID(Part, "selection3", PIDCollection)
    Set CWPressure = LBCMgr.AddPressure(1, (DispArray3), pDisp3, errCode)
    If errCode <> 0 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Failed to create pressure"
    Call CWPressure.PressureBeginEdit
    CWPressure.Unit = 1
    CWPressure.Value = -12
    errCode = CWPressure.PressureEndEdit
    If errCode <> 0 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Failed to apply pressure value"
    Set CWPressure = Nothing

    Dim CWContactObj As CosmosWorksLib.CWContactSet
    Set CWContactMgr = Study.ContactManager
    Set CWContactObj = CWContactMgr.CreateContactSet(1, (DispArray4), (DispArray5), errCode)
    If errCode <> 0 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Failed to create contact object"
    Set CWContactObj = Nothing

    Dim CWMeshObj As CosmosWorksLib.CWMesh
    Set CWMeshObj = Study.Mesh
    If CWMeshObj Is Nothing Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Failed to create mesh object"
    CWMeshObj.MesherType = 0
    CWMeshObj.Quality = 0
    errCode = Study.CreateMesh(0, MeshEleSize, MeshTol)
    If errCode <> 0 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Failed to create mesh"
    Set CWMeshObj = Nothing

    'Set solver type to Automatic
    Set StaticOptions = Study.StaticStudyOptions
    If StaticOptions Is Nothing Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Failed to get StaticOptions object"
    StaticOptions.SolverType = 0
    StaticOptions.UseSoftSpring = 1
    StaticOptions.LargeDisplacement = 0

    'Run analysis
    errCode = Study.RunAnalysis
    If errCode <> 0 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Analysis failed with error code " & errCode & " - " & ProcErrCode(errCode)

    'Get results
    Set CWFeatObj = Study.Results
    If CWFeatObj Is Nothing Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Failed to get result object"

    'Get min/max URES displacement
    Disp = CWFeatObj.GetMinMaxDisplacement(3, 0, Nothing, 0, errCode)
    If errCode <> 0 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Failed to get displacement result"
    'Compare max resultant disp with URESMax
    If (Disp(3) < (1 - Tol1) * URESMax) Or (Disp(3) > (1 + Tol1) * URESMax) Then
        Debug.Print "URES displacement % error = " & (((Disp(3) - URESMax) / URESMax) * 100)
    End If

    'Get min/max von Mises stress
    Stress = CWFeatObj.GetMinMaxStress(9, 0, 0, Nothing, 3, errCode)
    If errCode <> 0 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Failed to get stress result"
    'Compare max von Mises stress with VONMax
    If (Stress(3) < (1 - Tol1) * VONMax) Or (Stress(3) > (1 + Tol1) * VONMax) Then
        Debug.Print "VON Mises stress % error = " & (((Stress(3) - VONMax) / VONMax) * 100)
    End If

    Set CWFeatObj = Nothing

End Sub

Sub ErrorMsg(SwApp As SldWorks.SldWorks, Message As String)
    SwApp.SendMsgToUser2 Message, 0, 0
    SwApp.RecordLine "'*** WARNING - General"
    SwApp.RecordLine "'*** " & Message
    SwApp.RecordLine ""
End Sub

Function SelectByPID(Part As SldWorks.ModelDoc2, PIDName As String, PIDCollection As Collection) As Object
    Dim PID()       As Byte
    Dim PIDVariant  As Variant
    Dim PIDString   As String
    Dim i           As Integer
    Dim SelObj      As Object

    'Get the string from the collection
    PIDString = ""
    PIDString = PIDCollection.Item(PIDName)

    'Parse the string into an array
    PIDVariant = Split(PIDString, ",")
    ReDim PID(UBound(PIDVariant))

    'Change to a byte array
    For i = 0 To (UBound(PIDVariant) - 1)
        PID(i) = PIDVariant(i)
    Next i

    'Select the entity
    Set SelObj = Part.Extension.GetObjectByPersistReference((PID))
    Set SelectByPID = SelObj
    Set SelObj = Nothing
End Function

Function PIDInitializer() As Collection

    Dim PIDCollection As New Collection
    Dim selection1 As String
    Dim selection2 As String
    Dim selection3 As String
    Dim selection4 As String
    Dim selection5 As String

    selection1 = "35,29,213,113,218,129,72,162,168,88,152,178,27,137,239,153,6,2,0,0,50,1,0,0,120,218,109,81,77,74,195,80,16,254,210,180,85,40,70,11,226,13,4,55,10,117,233,74,104,26,44,40,150,164,238,10,33,38,47,49,146,182,146,164,208,141,208,67,244,26,221,120,5,47,227,41,26,191,105,154,86,161,19,134,247,222,247,51,195,76,6,6,160,3,40,214,197,105,134,55,40,36,252,174,209,193,61,158,48,71,0,23,30,50,140,81,167,234,140,169,109,179,45,174,66,67,11,227,169,229,249,202,86,161,235,11,33,209,100,214,245,242,254,249,189,188,92,245,191,134,213,89,218,206,105,235,77,2,113,58,179,52,236,7,182,250,112,253,146,107,74,73,219,245,229,126,34,186,121,254,252,250,174,252,188,132,12,66,124,91,113,162,76,105,42,88,155,88,215,201,211,120,18,61,120,147,32,81,132,215,69,99,63,210,234,229,202,106,45,136,221,90,184,195,8,67,226,25,114,116,55,227,41,14,235,193,71,138,41,95,35,56,100,60,196,68,92,50,49,23,161,54,171,232,144,27,144,73,201,139,110,95,255,134,158,71,152,100,109,214,254,97,55,153,189,134,42,180,114,201"
    selection1 = selection1 & ",71,38,245,33,43,204,232,201,241,55,46,152,149,15,219,229,202,88,142,138,198,189,32,82,187,21,53,22,199,59,177,252,21,99,241,31,211,14,96,181,3,152,190,107,253,11,105,183,117,188,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0"
    selection1 = selection1 & ",Type=1"

    selection2 = "35,29,213,113,218,129,72,162,168,88,152,178,27,137,239,153,16,2,0,0,49,1,0,0,120,218,109,81,203,74,195,80,16,61,53,182,10,197,250,64,40,184,23,220,40,212,165,43,161,105,176,96,105,73,234,78,8,241,230,86,170,121,72,122,11,217,8,253,8,127,195,141,191,224,127,53,158,49,173,53,208,11,147,59,57,143,153,204,100,212,2,44,0,197,178,56,244,144,34,194,20,33,46,209,193,45,6,200,153,251,8,48,67,140,93,170,142,24,181,85,156,136,171,168,161,137,56,117,2,165,93,61,241,149,16,114,26,242,176,202,252,253,251,227,252,179,255,53,94,223,165,173,45,182,44,141,189,87,211,75,140,55,207,38,253,208,213,111,190,42,233,134,208,174,175,36,63,96,222,203,205,240,233,69,43,83,66,45,66,124,119,166,145,182,165,175,96,199,196,186,158,201,166,201,243,93,144,132,145,38,188,44,234,155,169,218,15,23,78,115,65,236,218,193,13,30,49,134,230,100,6,221,223,9,53,231,13,160,144,81,63,35,235,145,9,232,83,220,192,128,119,78,133,108,163,67,110,68,38,35,95,234,214,245,175,152,223,195,38,235,178,246,144,221,100,252,29,"
    selection2 = selection2 & "252,63,236,190,103,179,210,132,21,230,244,153,10,123,198,16,159,181,218,237,169,76,158,132,178,222,202,134,234,139,253,63,237,218,107,45,170,184,252,138,214,22,108,155,118,243,141,63,69,114,115,194,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0"
    selection2 = selection2 & ",Type=1"

    selection3 = "35,29,213,113,218,129,72,162,168,88,152,178,27,137,239,153,246,1,0,0,45,1,0,0,120,218,109,80,203,74,195,80,16,61,109,90,21,138,245,129,80,112,47,184,81,168,75,87,66,211,96,193,210,146,212,157,16,226,205,77,137,230,33,233,45,100,35,228,35,252,13,55,254,130,255,213,120,174,73,212,130,3,195,157,123,30,51,204,204,251,128,1,160,220,148,7,14,82,68,8,225,227,2,67,220,96,138,156,181,11,15,43,196,232,80,117,200,108,213,121,172,93,101,11,61,196,233,216,95,74,91,6,174,208,132,14,45,70,187,170,95,63,223,206,222,39,31,139,230,173,108,3,218,172,44,141,157,103,53,78,148,179,206,130,137,111,203,23,87,84,244,142,166,109,87,232,122,95,79,200,213,236,241,73,10,85,65,125,66,252,91,97,36,77,61,87,99,71,196,70,142,202,194,100,121,235,37,126,36,9,111,202,238,239,86,131,251,115,171,87,16,187,178,112,141,7,44,32,185,153,194,232,123,67,201,125,61,8,100,212,175,200,58,100,60,250,4,47,48,229,155,83,161,175,49,36,55,39,147,145,175,116,77,255,75,214,119,48,201,218,236,61,227,180,63,87,168,131,211,1"
    selection3 = selection3 & "19,77,118,10,216,97,77,159,218,98,79,153,218,215,174,111,123,162,55,79,124,203,19,114,235,66,221,98,239,71,219,120,141,98,27,239,252,131,25,181,246,11,153,198,113,128,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0"
    selection3 = selection3 & ",Type=1"

    selection4 = "35,29,213,113,218,129,72,162,168,88,152,178,27,137,239,153,242,1,0,0,46,1,0,0,120,218,109,81,65,74,195,80,16,125,209,68,133,98,180,32,222,64,112,163,80,151,174,132,198,96,65,177,36,117,87,8,241,231,39,70,146,84,146,20,186,17,114,8,175,209,141,87,240,50,158,162,241,253,38,105,21,156,48,252,255,223,155,55,195,188,140,77,96,23,64,189,170,143,10,188,64,34,225,119,129,1,110,240,128,5,2,120,240,81,32,133,206,170,99,166,214,102,95,169,106,13,61,164,179,219,32,146,142,12,61,161,8,21,6,83,223,105,238,239,95,31,103,203,209,231,164,59,27,217,137,146,101,129,237,11,233,206,243,112,20,56,242,205,19,13,183,71,206,118,60,161,238,135,170,110,81,62,62,191,74,81,54,144,73,136,111,59,78,164,165,134,42,172,79,108,232,150,121,156,69,119,126,22,36,146,240,170,54,182,43,45,159,206,237,94,69,236,202,198,53,166,152,16,47,80,98,184,94,79,114,89,31,2,57,102,124,77,225,146,241,17,19,241,200,196,52,66,174,173,24,144,27,147,201,201,171,186,109,255,75,106,238,97,145,117,216,251,155,211,212,238,173,5,1"
    selection4 = selection4 & "73,101,156,190,111,177,62,100,135,57,53,37,126,199,41,179,211,53,209,45,230,202,40,85,22,111,76,50,170,131,77,185,250,123,102,245,23,211,254,193,244,182,233,15,36,113,114,226,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0"
    selection4 = selection4 & ",Type=1"

    selection5 = "35,29,213,113,218,129,72,162,168,88,152,178,27,137,239,153,16,2,0,0,51,1,0,0,120,218,117,80,203,74,195,80,16,61,125,42,20,227,3,161,224,94,112,163,80,151,174,132,166,193,130,165,37,169,59,33,196,155,27,137,182,169,164,183,144,141,208,143,240,55,220,248,11,254,87,227,25,211,84,43,120,97,114,39,231,49,115,103,70,22,80,3,144,175,242,125,15,51,76,16,35,196,57,58,184,198,0,25,115,31,1,230,152,162,78,213,1,163,178,142,35,113,229,21,180,48,157,57,129,210,174,142,124,37,132,156,166,124,106,69,254,250,249,118,250,222,255,24,151,119,97,107,139,45,157,77,189,103,211,75,140,183,72,163,126,232,234,23,95,21,116,83,104,215,87,146,239,49,239,101,102,248,240,164,149,41,32,139,16,255,157,120,162,109,233,43,216,33,177,174,103,210,56,121,188,9,146,112,162,9,175,242,198,207,84,237,187,51,167,181,36,118,233,224,10,247,24,67,115,50,131,238,247,132,154,243,6,80,72,169,159,147,245,200,4,244,41,110,96,192,59,163,66,182,209,33,55,34,147,146,47,116,101,253,11,230,183,176,201,186,172,61,100,55,25,"
    selection5 = selection5 & "191,138,223,135,221,119,108,86,138,88,97,65,159,217,98,79,24,226,171,174,119,123,44,147,39,161,172,119,107,67,141,229,238,70,91,122,107,203,109,92,182,111,253,193,42,255,104,235,155,23,124,1,69,120,115,197,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0"
    selection5 = selection5 & ",Type=1"

    'Store constants in a collection
    PIDCollection.Add selection1, "selection1"
    PIDCollection.Add selection2, "selection2"
    PIDCollection.Add selection3, "selection3"
    PIDCollection.Add selection4, "selection4"
    PIDCollection.Add selection5, "selection5"

    Set PIDInitializer = PIDCollection
    End Function

Function ProcErrCode(errCode As Long) As String
    Select Case errCode
    Case 0
        ProcErrCode = "Successful"
    Case 1 To 21
        ProcErrCode = "Incorrect input conditions"
    Case 22
        ProcErrCode = "Authorization failed for this analysis type"
    Case 23
        ProcErrCode = "Mesh not found. Create mesh first"
    Case 24
        ProcErrCode = "Analysis failed"
    Case Else
        ProcErrCode = "Unknown error condition"
    End Select
End Function


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