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SolidWorks.Interop.cosworks Namespace

SolidWorks Simulation API



Allows access to the ICOSMOSWorks interface. 


Allows access to the uniform or selected excitation used in dynamic studies.


Allows access to beams and trusses.


Allows access to beams, trusses, and joints.


Allows access to bearing loads that develop between contacting cylindrical faces.


Allows access to a bolt connector.


Allows access to the options of a buckling study. 


Allows access to the centrifugal force object used for structural studies. 


Allows access to edit, replace entities, and suppress component contact conditions in an assembly document.  


Allows access to managing global contacts, component contacts, and contact sets.  


Allows access to editing, replacing entities in, and suppressing or un-suppressing a contact set. 


Allows access to convection used for steady state and transient thermal studies only.


Allows access to the damping options in dynamic studies.


Allows access to the distributed mass used in structural studies.


Allows access to the options for the output of the drop test analysis.


Allows access to the setup of a drop test study.


Allows access to the options of a drop test study.


Allows access to the initial (time = 0) displacements, velocities, or accelerations in modal time history and nonlinear dynamic studies.


Allows access to the options of a dynamic study.


Allows access to an elastic connector.


Allows access to a fatigue event.


Allows access to the options of a fatigue study.


Allows access to the force object used by structural studies.  


Allows access to the options of a frequency study.


Allows access to gravity used by structural studies.


Allows access to the heat flux object used for steady state and transient thermal studies only.


Allows access to heat power used for steady state and transient thermal studies only.


Allows access to the joints, which are the intersections of beams, in a model.


Allows access to a link connector.


Allows access to an existing load or restraint in a study.


Allows access to managing loads and restraints.


Allows access to the material; certain materials are required for every study type.


Allows access to a mesh.


Allows access to a mesh control.


Allows access to the active part or assembly document.


Allows access to the options of a nonlinear study.


Allows access to a pin connector.


Allows access to pressure used for structural studies.


Allows access to the radiation object used for steady state and transient thermal studies only.


Allows access to remote loads.


Allows access to displacement restraints for structural studies.


Allows access to the results of the analysis.


Allows access to a rigid connector.


Allows access to an existing shell.


Allows access to shells.


Allows access to solid bodies in a study.


Allows access to solid components in a study.


Allows access to managing solid bodies and components.


Allows access to a spot-weld connector.


Allows access to a spring connector.


Allows access to the options of a static study.


Allows access to a study.


Allows access to creating new studies and getting or deleting existing studies.


Allows access to the options for the results of linear dynamic and nonlinear studies.


Allows access to the temperature for use with structural (static, nonlinear, buckling, and frequency), steady state, and transient thermal studies.


Allows access to the options of a thermal study.


swsAccelerationComponent_e Acceleration components
swsAccelerationUnit_e Units of acceleration
swsAddDefaultDropTestStudyPlotResultError_e Drop test results
swsAddDefaultFatigueStudyPlotResultError_e Fatigue study plot results
swsAddDefaultFrequencyOrBucklingStudyPlotResultError_e Frequency or buckling study plot results
swsAddDefaultNonLinearStudyPlotResultError_e Nonlinear study plot results
swsAddDefaultOptimizationDesignStudyPlotResultError_e Optimization design study results 
swsAddDefaultStaticStudyPlotResultError_e Static study plot results
swsAddDefaultThermalStudyPlotResultError_e Thermal study plot results
swsAnalysisStudyType_e Analysis study types
swsAngularAccelerationUnit_e Units of angular acceleration
swsAngularVelocityUnit_e Units of angular velocity
swsBaseExcitationEndEditError_e Base excitation editing errors
swsBaseExcitationType_e Uniform base excitation types
swsBeamBodyConnectionType_e Beam body connection types
swsBeamForceType_e Beam force types
swsBeamNonUniformLoadDef_e Nonuniform load definitions
swsBeamNonUniformLoadType_e Nonuniform distribution types
swsBeamStressComponent_e Beam stresses
swsBeamStressType_e Beam stress types
swsBeamType_e Beam types
swsBearingLoadEndEditError_e Bearing load editing errors
swsBoltConnectorEndEditError_e Bolt connector editing errors
swsBoltConnectorError_e Bolt connector errors

Bolt material sources

swsBoltMaterialType_e Bolt material types
swsBoltType_e Bolt types
swsCentrifugalForceEndEditError_e Centrifugal force editing errors
swsCentrifugalForceError_e Centrifugal force errors
swsColorChartNumberFormatOptionValue_e Display options for the numeric values in the chart in the plot legend
swsColorChartOptionLegendTypeValue_e Display options for the chart in the plot legend
swsColorChartPositionValue_e Positions for the chart in the plot legend
swsColorChartWidthOptionValue_e Thickness options for the chart in the plot legend
swsColorNumberFormatUseDiffNumberFormatOptionValue_e Display options for chart numbers between 0.001 and 1000 when numbers are in scientific notation
swsConnectAnalysisDatabaseError_e Status when attempting to connect to an analysis database
swsContactComponentEndEditError_e Contact component editing errors
swsContactSetEndEditError_e Contact set editing errors
swsContactSetError_e Contact set errors
swsContactSetTypeStaticNonLinear_e Contact set types for static and nonlinear studies
swsContactSetTypeThermal_e Contact set types for thermal studies
swsContactType_e Contact sets types
swsConvectionEndEditError_e Convection editing errors
swsConvectionError_e Convection errors
swsCoordinateType_e Coordinate types
swsCosmosExportOption_e Options for exporting a simulation study to COSMOSM
swsDampingType_e Types of damping
swsDefaultStaticResultTypes_e Static result types
swsDisplacementComponent_e Displacements
swsDistributedMassError_e Errors for distributed mass loads
swsDropHeightType_e Distances between a dropped body and the rigid planar floor
swsDropTargetOrientationType_e Types of impact plane orientation for drop test studies
swsDropTargetStiffnessType_e Types of impact plane stiffness for drop test studies
swsDropTestSetUpError_e Setup errors for drop test studies
swsDropTestStudyResultType_e Drop test study results
swsDropType_e Setup input types for drop test studies
swsDynamicAnalysisSubType_e Types of linear dynamic analysis
swsDynamicInitialConditionError_e Errors for dynamic initial conditions
swsDynamicInitialConditionType_e Dynamic study initial condition types
swsElasticConnectorEndEditError_e Elastic connector editing errors
swsElasticConnectorError_e Elastic connector errors
swsEnvelopePlotType_e Envelope plot types
swsFatigueAlternatingStressOption_e Options for calculating alternating stress in fatigue studies
swsFatigueCalculations_e Options for calculating fatigue in fatigue studies
swsFatigueCalculationsOption_e Options for calculating fatigue in fatigue studies
swsFatigueComponent_e Fatigue components
swsFatigueEventEndEditError_e Fatigue event editing errors
swsFatigueEventInteraction_e Types of fatigue event interactions
swsFatigueLoadHistoryCurveType_e Types of fatigue load history curves
swsFatigueLoadingType_e Types of fatigue loading
swsFatigueMeanStressCorrectionType_e Mean stress correction options for calculating alternating stresses
swsFatiguePlotType_e Types of fatigue plots
swsFatigueStudyResultType_e Fatigue study result types
swsFatigueStudySubOption_e Amplitude options for fatigue studies
swsForceEndEditError_e Force editing errors
swsForceError_e Force errors
swsForceType_e Types of forces
swsForceUnit_e Force types
swsFOS_CompositeCriterion_e Factor of safety criteria for composite shells
swsFOS_DistributionOpt_e Factor of safety distribution options
swsFOS_ErrorCode_e Factor of safety error codes
swsFOS_NonCompositeCriterion_e Factor of safety criteria for non-composite shells
swsFOS_NormalShellFaceOption_e Normal shell face options
swsFOS_ShellFaceOption_e Factor of safety shell face options
swsFosPlotErrorCode_e Factor of safety (Fos) plot errors
swsFrequencyBucklingResultDisplacementComponentTypes_e Displacement component result types for frequency/buckling studies
swsFrequencyStudyOption_e Frequency study options
swsFrequencyUnit_e Units of frequency
swsGapType_e Gap types
swsGaussIntegrationOrder_e Types of Gauss integration order
swsGeoStarExportUnit_e GEOSTAR export units
swsGravityEndEditError_e Gravity editing errors
swsGravityError_e Gravity errors
swsHeatFluxEndEditError_e Heat flux editing errors
swsHeatFluxError_e Heat flux errors
swsHeatPowerEndEditError_e Heat power editing errors
swsHeatPowerError_e Heat power errors
swsIncompatibleBondingOption_e Bonding contact methods for analyzing models that contain contacting surfaces with incompatible meshes
swsInterpolationType_e Types of harmonic frequency interpolations
swsIsoClippingErrorCode_e Iso Clipping error codes
swsLinearUnit_e Linear units
swsLinkConnectorEndEditError_e Link connector editing errors
swsLinkConnectorError_e Link connector errors
swsLoadsAndRestraintsError_e Loads and restraints errors
swsLoadsAndRestraintsManagerBearingLoadError_e Bearing load errors
swsLoadsAndRestraintsType_e Loads and restraints types
swsMaterialDataCurveError_e Material curve data errors
swsMaterialErrorWarning_e Material errors
swsMaterialFatigueSNCurveError_e Fatigue SN curve data errors
swsMaterialModelType_e Material model types
swsMaterialReferencePlaneError_e Reference plane errors for materials
swsMaterialSNCurveSource_e SN curve data errors for fatigue studies
swsMaterialSource_e Material sources
swsMaterialStressStrainCurveError_e Stress-strain curve data errors
swsMaterialTemperature_e Temperature dependencies for a material property
swsMaterialTemperatureCurveForPropertyError_e Temperature curve data errors for materials
swsMeshCompatibility_e Mesh compatibility
swsMeshControlError_e Mesh control errors
swsMeshControlWeightFactor_e Component weight factors for mesh control
swsMeshElementNodeLocation_e Mesh element or node locations errors
swsMesherType_e Mesher types
swsMeshFlipShellError_e Flipping shell elements errors
swsMeshQuality_e Mesh qualities
swsMeshShellNormal_e Mesh shell normal for faces
swsMeshState_e Mesh states
swsMeshType_e Mesh types
swsModeCombinationMethod_e Mode combination methods for calculating a peak response in dynamic studies
swsMomentUnit_e Units of moment
swsNastranExportOption_e NASTRAN export options
swsNastranExportUnit_e NASTRAN export units
swsNForceType_e Types of contact forces
swsNonLinearOptionControlMethodType_e Nonlinear control method types
swsNonLinearOptionIntegrationMethodType_e Nonlinear integration method types
swsNonLinearOptionIterativeMethodType_e Nonlinear iterative method types
swsNonLinearStudyOptionsError_e Nonlinear study option errors
swsNoPenetrationOption_e No penetration options
swsOptimizationStudyResultType_e Scope of optimization design cycle results
swsPhaseAngleUnit_e Units for phase angle
swsPinballUnit_e Units for optimal tolerance value for non-touching structural members within a certain distance, which is also referred to as a pinball
swsPinConnectorEndEditError_e Pin connector editing errors
swsPinConnectorError_e Pin connector errors
swsPlotBoundarySettingsOptionValue_e Plot boundary settings options
swsPlotDeformedShapeOptionScaleFactorContactValue_e Plot result deformation scale factor options for studies with no penetration contact
swsPlotDeformedShapeOptionScaleFactorLargeDispValue_e Plot result deformation scale factor options for studies with large displacement
swsPlotDeformedShapeOptionScaleFactorOtherValue_e Plot result deformation scale factor options for all studies other than no penetration contact or large displacement
swsPlotDeformedShapeOptionSuperImposeValue_e Plot result deformed shape options with superimpose model on deformed shape
swsPlotDeformedShapeOptionValue_e Plot result options for showing results on deformed or undeformed shapes
swsPlotFringeSettingsOptionValue_e Fringe plot result settings options
swsPlotShowExcludedBodiesOptionValue_e Plot results show exclude bodies options
swsPlotShowHiddenBodiesOptionValue_e Plot result show hidden bodies options
swsPreloadForce_e Pre-load force types for bolt connectors
swsPreLoadForceType_e Pre-load force types for spring connectors
swsPressureEndEditError_e Pressure editing errors
swsPressureError_e Pressure errors
swsPressureType_e Pressure types
swsPVResultCombinationError_e Errors for result combinations of a Pressure Vessel Design study
swsPVResultCombinationType_e Types of Pressure Vessel Design study result combination
swsRadiationEndEditError_e Radiation editing errors
swsRadiationError_e Radiation errors
swsRadiationOpenSystem_e Radiation systems
swsRadiationType_e Radiation types
swsRandomVibrationAnalysisMethod_e Methods of integration for random vibration dynamic studies
swsRandomVibrationCorrelationOption_e Options for load correlation in random vibration dynamic studies
swsRemoteLoadEndEditError_e Remote load editing errors
swsRemoteLoadType_e Remote restraint or load types
swsReportFolderValue_e Results report folder options
swsResistanceType_e Resistance types
swsRestraintEndEditError_e Restraint editing errors
swsRestraintError_e Restraint errors
swsRestraintType_e Restraint types
swsResultFolderValue_e Results folder options
swsResultOptionsSensorOption_e Data sensor options for graphs and plots
swsResultsDisplacementAndVelocityOption_e Options for displacement and velocity results
swsResultsError_e Study result errors
swsResultsRotationalDisplacementUnit_e Rotational displacement units
swsRigidConnectorEndEditError_e Rigid connector editing errors
swsRigidConnectorError_e Rigid connector errors
swsRotationUnit_e Units of angular rotation
swsRunAnalysisError_e Run analysis errors
swsSaveeDrawingsErrorCode_e Result plots error codes when saving results as eDrawings files
swsSaveResultsOption_e Save results options
swsSelectionType_e Selection types
swsSetDampingRatiosError_e Errors when setting damping ratios
swsShellEndEditError_e Shell editing errors
swsShellFace_e Options for evaluating membrane and bending components of study result quantities
swsShellFormulation_e Shell formulation types
swsShellManagerError_e Shell creation errors
swsShellOffsetOption_e Shell offset options
swsShrinkFitOption_e Shrink wrap options
swsSolverType_e Solver types
swsSpotWeldConnectorEndEditError_e Spot weld connector editing errors
swsSpotWeldConnectorError_e Spot weld connector errors
swsSpringConnectorEndEditError_e Spring connector editing errors
swsSpringConnectorError_e Spring connector errors
swsSpringConnectorType_e Spring connector types
swsSpringSubType_e Spring sub-types
swsSpringType_e Spring types
swsStaticResultDisplacementComponentTypes_e Displacement component types for static study results
swsStaticResultElementalStrainComponentTypes_e Elemental strain component types for static study results
swsStaticResultElementalStressComponentTypes_e Elemental stress component types for static study results
swsStaticResultNodalStrainComponentTypes_e Nodal strain component types for static study results
swsStaticResultNodalStressComponentTypes_e Nodal stress component types for static study results
swsStiffnessType_e Stiffness types
swsStrainComponent_e Strains
swsStrengthUnit_e Strength and stress units
swsStressComponent_e Stresses
swsStudyError_e Study errors
swsStudyExportError_e Export study errors
swsStudyExportOption_e Study export options
swsStudyMeshError_e Mesh study errors
swsSuppressionState_e Suppression states
swsSymmetricalBoltType_e Symmetrical bolt types
swsTableDrivenDistOption_e Table-driven distribution options
swsTableDrivenInterpolationType_e Table-driven interpolation types
swsTemperatureCurveError_e Temperature curve errors
swsTemperatureEndEditError_e Temperature editing errors
swsTemperatureError_e Temperature errors
swsTemperatureType_e Temperature types
swsTemperatureUnit_e Temperature units
swsTensileStressAreaUnit_e Tensile stress area units
swsThermalComponent_e Thermal components
swsThermalRelaxationFactor_e Thermal relaxation factors
swsThermalResultComponentTypes_e Component types for thermal study results
swsThermalSolutionType_e Thermal solution types
swsThreadsPerLengthUnit_e Units of threads per length
swsTimeCurveError_e Time curve data errors
swsTimeIntegrationMethod_e Step-by-step integration methods of modal time history dynamic studies
swsUnit_e Unit systems
swsUnitSystem_e Unit systems
swsUserPreferenceDoubleValue_e User preference double values
swsUserPreferenceIntegerValue_e User preference integer values
swsUserPreferenceStringValue_e User preference string values
swsUserPreferenceToggle_e User preference toggle values
swsVelocityComponent_e Velocity components
swsVelocityUnit_e Velocity units
swsWallType_e Wall types
swsWeldResultErrorCode_e Edge weld result errors

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