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Feature Freeze

You can freeze features to exclude them from rebuilds of the model.

The freeze bar controls the point at which a part’s FeatureManager design tree rebuilds. Features above the freeze bar are frozen – you cannot edit them, and they are excluded from rebuilds of the model.

Freezing a portion of a model can be useful if you work with complex models with many features. Freezing the features helps to:
  • Reduce rebuild time
  • Prevent unintentional changes to the model
Feature Freeze prevents the geometry of frozen features from being rebuilt. However, you might still experience long rebuild times due to other processes that are not addressed by Feature Freeze. Examples of potentially time-consuming processes not addressed by Feature Freeze:
  • Updating display appearances, especially on very large patterns
  • Updating complex DimXpert dimension and tolerance schemes
  • Updating the graphics (tessellation data) of very large, complex parts

Freeze bar:

Frozen features are indicated by a lock icon FM_freeze.gif and gray text.
Feature Freeze is not supported by Toolbox parts.

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