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Create PropertyManager Page Example (VBA)

This example shows how to create a PropertyManager page that contains the following controls:

  • ActiveX

  • Bitmap

  • Bitmap button

  • Button

  • Combo box

  • Group box

  • Label

  • List box

  • Number box

  • Radio button

  • Selection box

  • Slider

  • Tab

This example also shows how to handle focus events for these controls.

NOTE: If the model is an assembly that contains multiple components, and you want to allow the user to select edges, faces, or vertices, then you must specify swSelCOMPSDONTOVERRIDE for parameter SelType of IPropertyManagerPageSelectionbox::SetSelectionFilters. Otherwise, if the user attempts to select an edge, face, or vertex, then the entire component might get selected and not the edge, face, or vertex. This example demonstrates how to specify SelType.

' Preconditions:
' 1. Copy Modules - main to your project.
' 2. Copy Class Modules - clsPropMgr to a class module in your project.
' 3. Click
Tools > References, select
version exposed type libraries for add-in use, and click OK.
' 4. Ensure that the specified assembly document exists.
' 5. Modify ClassID and LicenseKey parameters in
'    IPropertyManagerPageActiveX::SetClass to add your ActiveX control
'    to the PropertyManager page.
' 6. Open an Immediate window.

' Postconditions:
' 1. Creates a PropertyManager page called Comps.
' 2. Creates the specified controls.
' 3. Inspect the contents of Comps and the Immediate Window as
  you use the specified controls.  
 4. Click the green check mark to close the PropertyManager page.
' NOTE: Because the assembly document is used elsewhere, do not save changes.

'Modules - main

Option Explicit


Public swApp As SldWorks.SldWorks

Public Part As SldWorks.ModelDoc2

Public pm As clsPropMgr


Sub main()

Dim openDocErrors As Long

Dim OpenDocWarnings As Long


Set swApp = Application.SldWorks

Set Part = swApp.OpenDoc6("c:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp\SOLIDWORKS\samples\tutorial\advdrawings\bladed shaft.sldasm", swDocASSEMBLY, swOpenDocOptions_Silent, "", openDocErrors, OpenDocWarnings)

'Create a new instance of the PropertyManager class

Set pm = New clsPropMgr


End Sub


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'Class Modules - clsPropMgr

Option Explicit

' Handler for PropertyManager page controls
Implements PropertyManagerPage2Handler9

' Control objects required for the PropertyManager page
Dim pm_Page As PropertyManagerPage2
Dim pm_Group As PropertyManagerPageGroup
Dim pm_Selection As PropertyManagerPageSelectionbox
Dim pm_Selection2 As PropertyManagerPageSelectionbox
Dim pm_Label As PropertyManagerPageLabel
Dim pm_Combo As PropertyManagerPageCombobox
Dim pm_List As PropertyManagerPageListbox
Dim pm_Number As PropertyManagerPageNumberbox
Dim pm_Radio As PropertyManagerPageOption
Dim pm_Slider As PropertyManagerPageSlider
Dim pm_Tab As PropertyManagerPageTab
Dim pm_Button As PropertyManagerPageButton
Dim pm_BMPButton As PropertyManagerPageBitmapButton
Dim pm_Bitmap As PropertyManagerPageBitmap
Dim pm_ActiveX As PropertyManagerPageActiveX
Dim ClickedCancel As Boolean
Dim retVal As Long

' Each control in the page needs a unique ID
Const GroupID As Long = 1
Const LabelID As Long = 2
Const SelectionID As Long = 3
Const ComboID As Long = 4
Const ListID As Long = 5
Const Selection2ID As Long = 6
Const NumberID As Long = 7
Const RadioID As Long = 8
Const SliderID As Long = 9
Const TabID As Long = 10
Const ButtonID As Long = 11
Const BMPButtonID As Long = 12
Const BitmapID As Long = 13
Const ActiveXID As Long = 14

Sub Show()

    pm_Page.Show2 0

End Sub

' The following runs when a new instance of the class is created

Private Sub Class_Initialize()

    Dim PageTitle As String
    Dim caption As String
    Dim tip As String
    Dim options As Long
    Dim longerrors As Long
    Dim controlType As Long
    Dim alignment As Long
    Dim listItems(3) As String

    ' Set the variables for the page
    PageTitle = "Comps"

    options = swPropertyManager_OkayButton _
        + swPropertyManager_CancelButton _
        + swPropertyManagerOptions_LockedPage _
        + swPropertyManagerOptions_PushpinButton

    ' Create the PropertyManager page
    Set pm_Page = swApp.CreatePropertyManagerPage(PageTitle, _
        options, Me, longerrors)
    ' Make sure that the page was created properly
    If longerrors = swPropertyManagerPage_Okay Then

        ' Add controls to the page

        ' Add a tab

        Set pm_Tab = pm_Page.AddTab(TabID, "Application", "", 0)

        ' Add a group box to the tab

        caption = "Controls"

        options = swGroupBoxOptions_Visible + _

        Set pm_Group = pm_Tab.AddGroupBox(GroupID, caption, options)
        ' Add two selection boxes

        controlType = swControlType_Selectionbox

        caption = "" 

        alignment = swControlAlign_Indent

        options = swControlOptions_Visible + _

        tip = "Select an edge, face, vertex, solid body, or a component"

        Set pm_Selection = pm_Group.AddControl2(SelectionID, _
              controlType, caption, alignment, options, tip)

        Set pm_Selection2 = pm_Group.AddControl2(Selection2ID, _
              controlType, caption, alignment, options, tip)

        Dim filters(6) As Long
        filters(0) = swSelEDGES
        filters(1) = swSelREFEDGES
        filters(2) = swSelFACES
        filters(3) = swSelVERTICES
        filters(4) = swSelSOLIDBODIES
        filters(5) = swSelCOMPONENTS
        filters(6) = swSelCOMPSDONTOVERRIDE

        pm_Selection.SingleEntityOnly = False
        pm_Selection.AllowMultipleSelectOfSameEntity = True
        pm_Selection.Height = 50
        pm_Selection.SetSelectionFilters filters
        pm_Selection2.SingleEntityOnly = False
        pm_Selection2.AllowMultipleSelectOfSameEntity = True
        pm_Selection2.Height = 50
        pm_Selection2.SetSelectionFilters filters

        ' Add a combo box

        controlType = swControlType_Combobox

        caption = ""

        alignment = swControlAlign_Indent

        options = swControlOptions_Visible + _

        tip = "Select a value"

        Set pm_Combo = pm_Group.AddControl2(ComboID, _
              controlType, caption, alignment, options, tip)

        If Not pm_Combo Is Nothing Then

            pm_Combo.Height = 50

            listItems(0) = "Value 1"
            listItems(1) = "Value 2"
            listItems(2) = "Value 3"
            listItems(3) = "Value 4"

            pm_Combo.AddItems (listItems)
            pm_Combo.CurrentSelection = 0

        End If

        ' Add a list box

        controlType = swControlType_Listbox

        caption = ""

        alignment = swControlAlign_Indent

        options = swControlOptions_Visible + _

        tip = "Multi-select values in the list box"

        Set pm_List = pm_Group.AddControl2(ListID, _
              controlType, caption, alignment, options, tip)
        pm_List.Style = swPropMgrPageListBoxStyle_MultipleItemSelect
        pm_List.Height = 50

        If Not pm_List Is Nothing Then

            pm_List.Height = 50
            listItems(0) = "Value 1"
            listItems(1) = "Value 2"
            listItems(2) = "Value 3"
            listItems(3) = "Value 4"
            pm_List.AddItems (listItems)
            pm_List.SetSelectedItem 1, True

        End If

        ' Add a label
        Set pm_Label = pm_Group.AddControl2(LabelID, swControlType_Label, "Label", swControlAlign_LeftEdge, options, "")

        ' Add a slider
        Set pm_Slider = pm_Group.AddControl2(SliderID, swControlType_Slider, "Slider", swControlAlign_LeftEdge, options, "Slide")

        ' Add a radio button
        Set pm_Radio = pm_Group.AddControl2(RadioID, swControlType_Option, "Radio button", swControlAlign_LeftEdge, options, "Select")

        ' Add a number box
        Set pm_Number = pm_Group.AddControl2(NumberID, swControlType_Numberbox, "Number box", swControlAlign_LeftEdge, options, "Spin")

        ' Add a button
        Set pm_Button = pm_Group.AddControl2(ButtonID, swControlType_Button, "Button", swControlAlign_LeftEdge, options, "Click")

        ' Add a bitmap button
        Set pm_BMPButton = pm_Group.AddControl2(BMPButtonID, swControlType_BitmapButton, "Bitmap button", swControlAlign_LeftEdge, options, "Click")
        pm_BMPButton.SetStandardBitmaps (swPropertyManagerPageBitmapButtons_e.swBitmapButtonImage_parallel)

        ' Add a bitmap
        Set pm_Bitmap = pm_Group.AddControl2(BitmapID, swControlType_Bitmap, "Bitmap", swControlAlign_LeftEdge, options, "Bitmap")
        pm_Bitmap.SetStandardBitmap (swBitmapControlStandardTypes_e.swBitmapControl_Volume)

        ' Add an ActiveX control
        Set pm_ActiveX = pm_Group.AddControl2(ActiveXID, swControlType_ActiveX, "ActiveX", swControlAlign_LeftEdge, options, "ActiveX control tip")
        pm_ActiveX.SetClass "ClassID", "LicenseKey"


        MsgBox "An error occurred while attempting to create the PropertyManager Page", vbCritical

    End If

End Sub

Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_AfterActivation()

End Sub

Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_AfterClose()

    ' Destroy the class
    Set pm = Nothing

End Sub

Private Function PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnActiveXControlCreated(ByVal Id As Long, ByVal Status As Boolean) As Long
    Debug.Print "ActiveX control created"
End Function

Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnButtonPress(ByVal Id As Long)
    Debug.Print "Button clicked"
End Sub

Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnCheckboxCheck(ByVal Id As Long, ByVal Checked As Boolean)

End Sub

Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnClose(ByVal Reason As Long)

    If Reason = swPropertyManagerPageClose_Cancel Then

        ' Cancel button clicked
        ClickedCancel = True

    ElseIf Reason = swPropertyManagerPageClose_Okay Then

        ' OK button clicked
        ClickedCancel = False

    End If

End Sub

Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnComboboxEditChanged(ByVal Id As Long, ByVal Text As String)

End Sub

Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnComboboxSelectionChanged(ByVal Id As Long, ByVal Item As Long)

End Sub

Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnGroupCheck(ByVal Id As Long, ByVal Checked As Boolean)

End Sub

Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnGroupExpand(ByVal Id As Long, ByVal Expanded As Boolean)

End Sub

Private Function PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnHelp() As Boolean

End Function

Private Function PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnKeystroke(ByVal Wparam As Long, ByVal Message As Long, ByVal Lparam As Long, ByVal Id As Long) As Boolean

End Function

Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnListboxSelectionChanged(ByVal Id As Long, ByVal Item As Long)

End Sub

Private Function PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnNextPage() As Boolean

End Function

Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnNumberboxChanged(ByVal Id As Long, ByVal Value As Double)
    Debug.Print "Number box changed"
End Sub

Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnOptionCheck(ByVal Id As Long)
    Debug.Print "Option selected"
End Sub

Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnPopupMenuItem(ByVal Id As Long)

End Sub

Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnPopupMenuItemUpdate(ByVal Id As Long, retVal As Long)

End Sub

Private Function PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnPreview() As Boolean

End Function

Private Function PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnPreviousPage() As Boolean

End Function

Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnRedo()

End Sub

Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnSelectionboxCalloutCreated(ByVal Id As Long)

End Sub

Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnSelectionboxCalloutDestroyed(ByVal Id As Long)

End Sub

Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnSelectionboxFocusChanged(ByVal Id As Long)

    Debug.Print "The focus moved to selection box " & Id

End Sub

Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnSelectionboxListChanged(ByVal Id As Long, ByVal Count As Long)
    pm_Page.SetCursor (swPropertyManagerPageCursors_Advance)

    Debug.Print "The list in selection box " & Id & " changed"

End Sub

Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnSliderPositionChanged(ByVal Id As Long, ByVal Value As Double)
    Debug.Print "Slider position changed"
End Sub

Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnSliderTrackingCompleted(ByVal Id As Long, ByVal Value As Double)

End Sub

Private Function PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnSubmitSelection(ByVal Id As Long, ByVal Selection As Object, ByVal SelType As Long, ItemText As String) As Boolean

    PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnSubmitSelection = True

End Function

Private Function PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnTabClicked(ByVal Id As Long) As Boolean

End Function

Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnTextboxChanged(ByVal Id As Long, ByVal Text As String)

End Sub

Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnUndo()

End Sub

Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnWhatsNew()

End Sub


Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnLostFocus(ByVal Id As Long)

    Debug.Print "Control box " & Id & " lost focus"

End Sub

Private Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnGainedFocus(ByVal Id As Long)

   Dim varArray As Variant

   Debug.Print "Control box " & Id & " gained focus"

   varArray = pm_List.GetSelectedItems

   pm_Combo.CurrentSelection = varArray(0)

End Sub

Public Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnListBoxRMBUp(ByVal Id As Long, ByVal posX As Long, ByVal posY As Long)

End Sub

Public Function PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnWindowFromHandleControlCreated(ByVal Id As Long, ByVal Status As Boolean) As Long

End Function

Public Sub PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnNumberboxTrackingCompleted(ByVal Id As Long, ByVal Value As Double)

End Sub

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