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Duplicate, Delete, and Create Motion Study Example (VBA)

This example shows how to create a duplicate motion study, delete an existing motion study, and create a new motion study.

' Preconditions:
' 1. Open an assembly document that has a motion study named
'    Motion Study 1 and a collapsed exploded view.
' 2. Click Tools > Add-Ins > PhotoView 360 and verify that it is active.
' 3. Click Tools > References > SOLIDWORKS version Motion
'    Study Type Library.
' 4. Verify that c:\test exists.
' 5. Open the Immediate window.
' Postconditions:
' 1. Observe the graphics area.
' 2. Makes a copy of Motion Study 1 called Motion Study 2.
' 3. Deletes and creates a new motion study for Motion Study 1.
' 4. Runs the animation (i.e., rotates, explodes, 
'    stops rotating, and collapses the assembly).
' 5. Saves the motion study as c:\test\Anim1.avi.
' 6. Examine the Immediate window.
' 7. Play c:\test\Anim1.avi.
Option Explicit
Dim swApp As SldWorks.SldWorks
Dim swModel As SldWorks.ModelDoc2
Dim swModelDocExt As SldWorks.ModelDocExtension
Dim swMotionMgr As SwMotionStudy.MotionStudyManager
Dim swMotionStudy1 As SwMotionStudy.MotionStudy
Dim swSaveAVIData As SwMotionStudy.AVIParameter
Dim boolstatus As Boolean
Sub main()
    Set swApp = Application.SldWorks
    Set swModel = swApp.ActiveDoc
    Set swModelDocExt = swModel.Extension
    'Get the MotionManager
    Set swMotionMgr = swModelDocExt.GetMotionStudyManager()
    If (swMotionMgr Is Nothing) Then
    End If
    'Get the motion study named Motion Study 1
    Set swMotionStudy1 = swMotionMgr.GetMotionStudy("Motion Study 1")
    If (swMotionStudy1 Is Nothing) Then
        MsgBox "Motion Study 1 is not available."
    End If
    'Create a copy of the motion study
    'Get the supported motion study types
    Dim MSTypes As Long
    boolstatus = swMotionStudy1.GetSupportedStudyTypes(MSTypes)
    Debug.Print ""
    Debug.Print "Supported study types: "
    Debug.Print "    Assembly: " & ((MSTypes And swMotionStudyType_e.swMotionStudyTypeAssembly) > 0)
    Debug.Print "    PhysicalSimulation: " & ((MSTypes And swMotionStudyType_e.swMotionStudyTypePhysicalSimulation) > 0)
    Debug.Print "    CosmosMotion: " & ((MSTypes And swMotionStudyType_e.swMotionStudyTypeCosmosMotion) > 0)
    Debug.Print "    LegacyCosmosMotion: " & ((MSTypes And swMotionStudyType_e.swMotionStudyTypeLegacyCosmosMotion) > 0)
    'Get the current motion study type
    Dim CurStudyType As Long
    CurStudyType = swMotionStudy1.StudyType
    Debug.Print ""
    Debug.Print "Current study type: "
    Select Case CurStudyType
        Case swMotionStudyType_e.swMotionStudyTypeAssembly
            Debug.Print "    Assembly"
        Case swMotionStudyType_e.swMotionStudyTypePhysicalSimulation
            Debug.Print "    PhysicalSimulation"
        Case swMotionStudyType_e.swMotionStudyTypeCosmosMotion
            Debug.Print "    CosmosMotion"
        Case swMotionStudyType_e.swMotionStudyTypeLegacyCosmosMotion
            Debug.Print "    LegacyCosmosMotion"
    End Select
    'Is the motion study active?  If not, activate it
    If Not swMotionStudy1.IsActive Then swMotionStudy1.Activate
    'Create an animation of the rotating model
    'Delete any existing animation sequences
    'Set the animation duration to 10 seconds
    boolstatus = swMotionStudy1.CreateByRotateModel(True, swAnimatorAxisOfRotation_e.swRotationAboutYAxis, 1, swAnimatorDirectionOfRotation_e.swRotationClockwise, 10, 0)
    'Play the animation
    PlayAnimation swMotionStudy1
    'Stop playing the animation
    'Add an explode to the animation
    'Set the animation duration to 5 seconds
    boolstatus = swMotionStudy1.CreateByExplode(False, 5, 0)
    'Add a collapse to the animation
    'Set the animation duration to 5 seconds
    boolstatus = swMotionStudy1.CreateByCollapse(False, 10, 5)
    'Set duration of animation to 15 seconds
    swMotionStudy1.SetDuration (15)
    'Play the animation
    PlayAnimation swMotionStudy1    
    Debug.Print ""
    Debug.Print "Study duration: " & swMotionStudy1.GetDuration
    'Play animation
    PlayAnimation swMotionStudy1
    'Set and save AVI parameters
    Set swSaveAVIData = swMotionMgr.CreateAVIParameter()
    swSaveAVIData.FramePerSecond = 7.5
    swSaveAVIData.SaveEntireAnimation = True
    swSaveAVIData.OutputType = swAnimationOutputType_e.swAnimationOutput_AVI
    swSaveAVIData.RendererType = swRendererType_e.swRendererType_Solidworks_Screen
    'Save animation as .avi file
    swMotionStudy1.SaveToAVI "C:\test\Anim1.avi", swSaveAVIData 
End Sub
Private Sub PlayAnimation(SwMotionStudy As SwMotionStudy.MotionStudy)
    Debug.Print ""
    Dim cPlayMode As Long
    Debug.Print "Current play mode: "
    cPlayMode = SwMotionStudy.PlayMode
    'Get current play mode
    Select Case cPlayMode
        Case 1
            Debug.Print "    Normal"
        Case 2
            Debug.Print "    Loop"
        Case 3
            Debug.Print "    Reciprocate"
    End Select
    'Set play mode to Loop
    Dim nPlayMode As Long
    Debug.Print "New play mode: "
    SwMotionStudy.PlayMode = swAnimationPlayMode_e.swAnimationPlayModeLoop
    nPlayMode = SwMotionStudy.PlayMode
    'Get new play mode
    Select Case nPlayMode
        Case 1
            Debug.Print "    Normal"
        Case 2
            Debug.Print "    Loop"
        Case 3
            Debug.Print "    Reciprocate"
    End Select
    'Set timebar to 0 on timeline
    SwMotionStudy.SetTime 0    
    'Play the animation
End Sub

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