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2D Simplification PropertyManager

The 2D Simplification PropertyManager manages the creation of 2D sections from 3D geometries.

To display this PropertyManager:

Start with an open document. Create a new Simulation study (static, thermal, or nonlinear). In the Study PropertyManager, under Options, select Use 2D Simplification.


Select one of the available options.

Plane Stress   Use this option for thin geometries where one dimension is much smaller than the other two. The forces acting normal to the section plane must be negligible, resulting in zero stress normal to the section plane. This option is not available for thermal studies.
Plane Strain   Use this option for geometries where one dimension is much larger than the other two. In the direction normal to the section plane, the body does not deform and the forces cannot vary. This option is not available for thermal studies.
Extruded   Use this option for defining constant thermal loads along the extrusion direction. This option is available only for thermal studies.
Axi-symmetric   Use this option when the geometry, material properties, structural and thermal loads, fixtures, and contact conditions are symmetric (3600) about an axis.
Section plane surface.png

Defines the section plane that intersects the 3D geometry. Select a reference plane, planar surfaces, or sketch planes.

For solid bodies, the selected reference plane must intersect the bodies.
Section depth dim_lin_t1.png Sets the section's thickness normal to the section plane. This option is not available for thermal studies.
The section depth is used to calculate the total load applied over the selected entities. For example, if you apply a 10 N force to an 1 m edge and the section depth is 1 m, a total force of 10 N is applied over an area of 1 m2.
Axis of Symmetry Defines a reference axis to use as the axis of symmetry. Geometry, material properties, loads, fixtures, and contact conditions should be symmetric (3600) about the axis. This option is available only for the axi-symmetric option.
Use other side   Uses the opposite side of the section. This option is available only for the axi-symmetric option.
Show preview   Lets the program calculate the 2D sections while the PropertyManager remains open.
For large models, you may want to clear the selection for performance reasons. The program calculates the 2D sections after you click in the PropertyManager.

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