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Using Functions and Formulas

You can enter standard Microsoft™ Excel functions directly into the rules window.


Common functions used in DriveWorksXpress.

AND Returns TRUE if all its arguments are TRUE; returns FALSE if any argument is FALSE
IF AND Returns one value if all AND arguments are TRUE and another value if any AND argument is FALSE
IF OR Returns one value if any OR arguments are TRUE and another value if any OR arguments are FALSE
IF Returns one value if a condition you specify evaluates to TRUE and another value if it evaluates to FALSE
LEFT Returns the first character or characters in a text string
OR Returns TRUE if any argument is TRUE; returns FALSE if all arguments are FALSE
RIGHT Returns the last character or characters in a text string
& Joins two rules or joins two text strings into one text string
ROUNDUP Rounds a number up, away from zero
ROUNDDOWN Rounds a number down, toward zero

For a complete list of functions, refer to worksheet functions in Microsoft Excel Help.

Nesting Formulas

You can use a formula as an argument in another formula. This is called nesting. For example, the following formula uses a nested formula to compare the result with an Input Drop Down selection. The corresponding Configuration value is reported:

Y= IF( DropDownSelection = "DropDownValueA" , "ConfigBValue" , IF( DropDownSelection = "DropDownValueB" , "ConfigBValue" , IF( DropDownSelection = "DropDownValueC" , "ConfigCValue" , "ConfigDValue" ) ) )

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