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Get Names of Creators of Features Example (C++ COM)

This example shows how to get the names of the creators of the features in multiple part documents.




   * SOLIDWORKS is open and the specified input file exists in this folder:


   * The SOLIDWORKS part documents listed in the input file and used by

     this application were installed when SOLIDWORKS was installed:

     - c:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS\samples\tutorial\toolbox\braceleft.sldprt

     - c:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS\samples\tutorial\toolbox\braceright.sldprt

     - c:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS\samples\tutorial\toolbox\baseplate.sldprt



   * The specified output file is created in the specified folder:


   * The names of the SOLIDWORKS part documents and their features

     and the names of the creators of those features.


#include "stdafx.h"

#include <fstream> //Stream class to both read from and write to files

#include <string>


CComBSTR makeBstr(string input);//makeBstr function prototype


using namespace std;


int _tmain()


ifstream infile;

ofstream outfile;


//Iniitalize COM



//Use ATL smart pointers

CComPtr<ISldWorks> swApp;

CComPtr<IModelDoc2> swModel;

CComPtr<IFeature> swFeat;

CComPtr<IFeature> swNextFeat;


long lErrors;

long lWarnings;


string sSOLIDWORKSFilename;


CComBSTR sDefaultConfiguration(L"Default");

CComBSTR sFeatureName(L"");

CComBSTR sFeatureCreator(L"");




//Open input file

infile.open("C:\\SOLIDWORKSFilenames.txt", std::ios_base::in);

//Make sure input file exists



cout << "ERROR: Cannot open the input file." << endl;

return 1;



//Open output file

outfile.open("c:\\SOLIDWORKSFilenamesFeatureCreators.txt", std::ios_base::out );

//Make sure output file exists

if( !outfile)  


cout << "ERROR: Cannot open the output file." << endl;


return 1;



outfile << "=============================================================================" << endl;


//Connect to currently running instance of SOLIDWORKS

hres = swApp.CoCreateInstance(__uuidof(SldWorks), NULL, CLSCTX_LOCAL_SERVER);


//Check results

if (S_OK != hres)

return 1;


while (!infile.eof())


//Read SOLIDWORKS part document name from SOLIDWORKSFilenames.txt

getline (infile, sSOLIDWORKSFilename);


//Convert string to CComBSTR by calling function makeBstr

CComBSTR sSWFilename = (makeBstr(sSOLIDWORKSFilename));


cout << sSOLIDWORKSFilename << endl;


//Open part document

hres = swApp->OpenDoc6(sSWFilename, swDocPART, swOpenDocOptions_Silent, sDefaultConfiguration, &lErrors, &lWarnings, &swModel);


//Check results

if (S_OK != hres || swModel == NULL)

return 1;


//Write name of SOLIDWORKS part document in SOLIDWORKSFilenamesFeatureCreators.txt

outfile << sSOLIDWORKSFilename << endl;

outfile << "=============================================================================" << endl;


//Get first feature



//Iterate over features in this part document in the FeatureManager design tree



//Get feature name



//Get creator of feature



//Convert feature name and creator of feature to

//string and write to output file

 CW2CT sFeatureNameString(sFeatureName);

 CW2CT sFeatureCreatorString(sFeatureCreator);


 string sFNS = _bstr_t(sFeatureNameString);

 string sFCS = _bstr_t(sFeatureCreatorString);

 outfile << "Feature " << sFNS << " created by " << sFCS << endl;

//Get next feature in this part document




swFeat = swNextFeat;




outfile << "=============================================================================" << endl;


//Close the part document







//Close input and output files






//Uninitialize COM



return 0;



//Function to convert string to CComBSTR

CComBSTR makeBstr(string input)


char* CStyleString = (char*) input.c_str();

CComBSTR retval(CStyleString);

return retval;



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/// stdafx.h : include file for standard system include files,

// or project-specific include files that are used frequently, but

// are changed infrequently



#pragma once


#define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN // Exclude rarely-used stuff from Windows headers

#include <stdio.h>

#include <tchar.h>

#define _ATL_CSTRING_EXPLICIT_CONSTRUCTORS // some CString constructors will be explicit


#include <windows.h>

#include <atlbase.h>

#include <iostream>


using namespace std;  //We will use the standard C++ libraries for text output.


#import "sldworks.tlb" raw_interfaces_only, raw_native_types, no_namespace, named_guids  //the SOLIDWORKS type library

#import "swconst.tlb"  raw_interfaces_only, raw_native_types, no_namespace, named_guids  //the SOLIDWORKS constant type library

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// stdafx.cpp : source file that includes just the standard includes

// FeatureCreatedBy.pch will be the pre-compiled header

// stdafx.obj will contain the pre-compiled type information

#include "stdafx.h"

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