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Light Parameters

Light parameters appear when you select the icon of an existing light on the Scenes tab or you select a light icon in a scene.

Light Name Lets you rename the light.
Locked Locks the light in place so you cannot move it.
Enabled Specifies that the light affects the scene's overall lighting.
Type Sets the type of light.

In addition to Brightness, Color, and Color Temperature (K), which are common to all lights, the light type determines additional parameters you can modify:

  • Point

    Point Light Radius. Sets the radiant area of point lights.

  • Directional

    Directional Light Size. Sets the radiant area of directional lights.

  • Spot

    Spot Light Radius. Sets the radiant area of spot lights.

    Cone Angle. Controls the spread of the spot light. For example, a small or narrow angle produces a focused, pin-like light where a large or wide angle produces a broad light.

    Falloff. Controls the fade which occurs between the brightest portion of the light and the edge of the light. A small falloff produces almost no fade for an overall bright focused light where a large falloff produces a large fade and a softer appearance to light.

Brightness Sets the brightness of the light.
Color Sets the color of the light.
Color Temperature (K) Sets the light's color in degrees Kelvin.
Follow Specifies that the light follows a specific model, such as a vehicle while you drive it.

You can separately specify a model to Follow and a model to Aim at.

Transform The following transform options let you numerically modify the lighting position:
  • Position XYZ. Translates the selected light in 3D space.
  • Distance/Dolly. Determines the distance between the selected light and the look-at point.
  • Longitude. Rotates the selected light around the look-at point.
  • Latitude. Moves the selected light vertically.
  • Twist. Tilts the selected light left or right without moving its 3D position.

You can also transform lights with the transform manipulator.

Preview Options Causes the light to cast shadows in the scene when in Preview mode.

This option has no effect in Fast and Accurate modes.

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