Performance Evaluation (Assemblies)

Performance Evaluation analyzes performance of assemblies and suggests possible actions you can take to improve performance.

This is useful when you work with large and complex assemblies. In some cases, you can select to have the software make changes to your assembly to improve performance.

Although the conditions identified by Performance Evaluation can degrade assembly performance, they are not errors. It is important that you weigh recommendations of the Performance Evaluation against your design intent. In some cases, implementing the recommendation would improve assembly performance, but would compromise your design intent.

To run Performance Evaluation:

  1. Click Performance Evaluation (Assembly toolbar) or Tools > Evaluate > Performance Evaluation.
    In the Performance Evaluation dialog box, the following icons indicate the status of each diagnostic test. Additionally, statistics about the components and mates in the assembly are displayed.
    Icon Status Action
    Passed No further action is required.
    Warning Review the information and make changes if appropriate for your assembly.
    Information only No further action is required.
  2. Depending on the test and its status, you can click the following tools:
    Tool Name Description
    Show These Parts Lists affected components.
    Turn on Large Assembly Mode Activates Large Assembly Mode and updates the Performance Evaluation.
  3. Click OK to close Performance Evaluation.