Check Entity

The Check Entity dialog box enables you to check model geometry and identify undesirable geometry.

To check a model for correct geometry:

  1. With a part document active, click Check (Tools toolbar) or Tools > Evaluate > Check.
  2. In the dialog box, under Check, select the level of checking and the entity type that you want to verify:
    Option Description
    Stringent solid/surface check When cleared (default), performs a standard geometry check, which reuses the results of previous geometry checks to improve performance. When selected, all geometry checks are re-performed, which results in slower performance.
    All Checks the entire model. Specify Solids, Surfaces, or both.
    Selected items Checks faces or edges that you select in the graphics area.
    Features Checks all the features in the model.
  3. Under Check for, select the types of problems you want to check for and the types of values you want to determine:
    Option Description
    Invalid face(s)  
    Invalid edge(s)  
    Short edge(s) Specify a minimum edge length. The software reports any edges that are less than the specified length.
    Minimum radius of curvature  
    Maximum edge gap  
    Maximum vertex gap  
  4. Click Check.
    After checking:
    • The number of errors appear under Found.
    • Items such as errors, open surfaces, and requested values appear under Result list.
    • A description of the results appears in the message area.
    Select an item in Result list to highlight it in the graphics area and to display additional information in the message area.
  5. Click Close.