Hole Position PropertyManager

Use the Hole Series PropertyManagers to create a hole series. You can create a new hole or use existing holes for the hole series. To dimension the hole series, dimension the sketch points on the starting face.

To open the Hole Position PropertyManager:

Click Hole Series (Features toolbar) or Insert > Assembly Feature > Hole > Hole Series.

Hole Position

  Create new hole Creates a hole series using new holes. Click the starting face to place sketch points.
  Use existing hole(s) Creates a hole series using existing holes. All holes must be the same type and size. Select the holes.
Hole Wizard feature/pattern Lists the selected holes.
  Hole Position Select Start, Middle, or End as the position for Hole type holes with Through All for the End Condition. Counterbore and countersink holes are automatically set as Start of the hole series. Blind drilled holes or tap holes are automatically set as End of the hole series.