Interference Detection PropertyManager

You can select components to check and set options for types of interferences to find, and then calculate results.

To open this PropertyManager:
Click Interference Detection (Assembly toolbar) or Tools > Evaluate > Interference Detection.

Selected Components

Components to Check Displays components selected for the interference check. By default, the top-level assembly appears unless you pre-select other components. When you check an assembly for interference, all of its components are checked. If you select a single component, only the interferences that involve that component are reported. If you select two or more components, only the interferences between the selected components are reported.
Calculate Click to check for interferences.

Excluded Components

Select Excluded Components to activate this group of commands.

Components to Exclude Lists the components you select to exclude.
Hide excluded components from view Hides the selected components until you close the PropertyManager.
Remember excluded components Saves the list of components, so that they are automatically selected the next time you open the PropertyManager.


Displays the detected interferences. The volume of each interference appears to the right of each listing. When you select an interference under Results, it highlights in red in the graphics area. Right-click an interferance for additional options.

Ignore/Un-Ignore Click to switch between ignored and unignored mode for the selected interference. If an interference is set to Ignore, it remains ignored during subsequent interference calculations. See Show ignored interferences under Options.
Component view Displays the interferences by component name instead of interference number.


Treat coincidence as interference Reports coincident entities as interferences.
Show ignored interferences Select to show ignored interferences in the Results list, with a gray icon. When this option is cleared, ignored interferences are not listed.
Treat subassemblies as components When selected, subassemblies are treated as single components, so interferences between a subassembly's components are not reported.
Include multibody part interferences Select to report interferences between bodies within multibody parts.
Make interfering parts transparent Select to display the components of the selected interference in transparent mode.
Create fasteners folder Under Results, segregates interferences between fasteners (such as a nut and bolt) into a separate folder named Fasteners. See Interference Detection with Fasteners.
Create matching cosmetic threads folder Under Results, segregates interferences between components with properly matched cosmetic threads into a separate folder named Matching cosmetic threads.

Interferences due to mismatched threads, misaligned threads, or other interfering geometry are still listed as interferences.

Ignore hidden bodies/components Excludes the following from the results:
  • Interferences involving components that are hidden, including those hidden by the Isolate command.
  • Interferences between a multibody part's hidden bodies and other components.

Non-interfering Components

Displays non-interfering components in the selected mode:

Use current Uses the current display settings of the assembly.