Stock Part PropertyManager

Use the Stock Part PropertyManager to edit a derived part that you created using the Split tool. You can reattach the derived part to a specific stock part or to specific bodies in a stock part.

To use the Stock Part PropertyManager:

  1. Use the Split tool to create derived parts from a model.
  2. Open a derived part, right-click, and select Edit Feature. The software checks for all bodies defined by the split feature in the stock part, and copies the bodies into the derived part for previewing. The currently associated body highlights in the graphics area.
  3. Set the PropertyManager options and click .
The command works the same If you edit a derived part generated from a Save Bodies feature instead of a split feature.

PropertyManager Options

Defining Stock Part Displays the current defining stock part. Click Browse to reattach this derived part to an alternate stock part, which is restricted to versions of the original stock part.
Defining Split Feature Displays all split features in the stock part. Select the appropriate split feature.
Body to use Displays available bodies to associate with the stock part. The current body is selected. To select a different body, select the body or callout in the graphics area, or under Body to use.