Mold Analysis Tools

Mold analysis tools are used by designers of molded plastic parts and by designers of the mold tools used to manufacture those parts.

Mold analysis tools include:
  • Draft Analysis. Identify and visualize areas with insufficient draft.
  • Undercut Analysis. Identify and visualize trapped areas that would prevent the part from ejecting from the mold.
  • Parting Line Analysis. Visualize and optimize possible parting lines.

Graphics Card Considerations

In SOLIDWORKS 2009 and later, the software uses the graphics processing unit (GPU) of your computer to perform these analyses. GPU-based processing enables real-time updates of the analysis results as you change analysis parameters and part geometry. The results remain visible after you close the PropertyManager.

If your graphics card is not able to perform the necessary GPU-based processing, the software uses your central processing unit (CPU) to perform these analyses. The older, CPU-based tools do not update in real time. You are required to click Calculate in the PropertyManager to update results. The results do not remain visible after you close the PropertyManager.

For the latest cards and drivers, see