Mold Tools - Parting Lines

Parting lines lie along the edge of the molded part, between the core and the cavity surfaces. They are used to create the parting surfaces, and to separate the surfaces. You create the parting lines after the model is scaled and proper draft is applied.

You can create:
  • Multiple parting line features in a single part.
  • Partial parting line features.
You can automatically split straddle faces found during draft analysis, either along the +/- boundary or at a specified draft angle. Additionally, you can split a face by selecting a sketch segment, a pair of vertices, or a spline on a surface. Before creating parting lines, you can use Parting Line Analysis Tool_PartingLineAnalysis_View.gif to visualize and optimize possible parting lines.
To make parting line features visible even when they are not selected, click View Parting Lines Tool_ViewPartingLines_View.png (View toolbar) or View > Hide/Show > Parting Lines .

When you create the first parting line in a part, the software automatically creates the Cavity Surface Bodies folder fm_surface_bodies.gif and Core Surface Bodies folder fm_surface_bodies.gif and populates them with the appropriate surfaces. See Mold Folders.