Reorder and Roll Back in Assemblies


Changing the order of assembly items in the FeatureManager design tree is dictated by parent/child relationships, just as it is with features in parts.

  • You can reorder sketches, features, and reference geometry that belong to the assembly.
  • You can reorder components within their own level of the assembly hierarchy.
  • You can reorder mates within the Mates folder.
  • You cannot reorder Mates folders, component patterns, in-context features, or any default assembly items (default planes, Annotations folder, and so on).

Roll Back

You can roll back reference geometry, sketches, component patterns, assembly features and in-context features. In general, rolling back assembly items behaves the same as rolling back features in parts. The following behaviors are specific to assemblies:

  • If you roll back an assembly pattern, the components generated by that pattern are rolled back.
  • You cannot roll back into the section of the FeatureManager design tree that lists the components (that is, after some of the components are added, or before others). This is because components are not order-dependent. Hide or suppress the components instead.