Area Hatch/Fill

You can add hatching within boundaries that do not receive automatic hatching. You can apply a crosshatch pattern or solid fill to a model face, to a closed sketch profile, or to a region bounded by a combination of model edges and sketch entities. Area hatch can be applied only in drawings.

Area hatch/fill is applied automatically to section views, aligned section views, and broken-out section views.

Some characteristics of area hatch include the following:
  • If you choose the area hatch to be solid fill, the default color of the fill is black. You can change the color with the Line Color Tool_Line_Color_Line_Format.gif tool on the Line Format toolbar (except in section views).
  • You can include area hatch in blocks.
  • You can move area hatch into layers.
  • You can select an area hatch in a Break View only in its unbroken state; you cannot select an area hatch that crosses a break.
  • If you change the region boundaries, (for example, if you sketch a rectangle that you want to exclude from the area hatch or fill), you can right-click and select Recreate Area Hatch to update the area.
  • When the pointer is over an area hatch or fill, the pointer changes to pointer_Area_Hatch_Fill.gif.
  • Dimensions or annotations that belong to the drawing view or sketch are surrounded by a halo of space when they are on top of an area hatch or fill. You can override this option.
  • You cannot move an area hatch or fill with Copy or Cut and Paste operations unless the symbol is defined by sketch entities.

To set options for Area Hatch/Fill, click Tools > Options > System Options > Area Hatch/Fill.