Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) offers many benefits:

  • The design language is standardized.
  • Design intent is clear and precise to the customers, suppliers, and production teams.
  • You can calculate the worst-case mating limits.
  • Through the use of datums, the production and inspection processes are repeatable.
  • Assembly is assured from qualified production parts.

Two GD&T-based applications are available:


  • DimXpert for parts places dimensions and tolerances on parts.
  • DimXpert for assemblies places dimensions and tolerances on assemblies.
    DimXpert for assemblies is available in SOLIDWORKS MBD.


TolAnalyst is a tolerance analysis application that determines the effects that dimensions and tolerances have on parts and assemblies. Use the TolAnalyst tools to perform “worst-case” tolerance stack-up analysis on assemblies.

First you use the DimXpert tools to apply dimensions and tolerances to the parts or components in an assembly, then you use the TolAnalyst tools to leverage that data for stack-up analysis

TolAnalyst is available only in SOLIDWORKS Premium.