Document Properties - Model Display

You can change color options for model display. Available for parts and assemblies.

You can change the model display options in:

  • The active part or assembly document.
  • A part or assembly document to be used as a template.

To set the model display options:

  • With a part or assembly document open, click Tools > Options > Document Properties > Model Display.
Model/feature colors In assembly documents, Shading (for Shaded mode) and Hidden (for Hidden Lines Visible mode) are available. If the menu option View > Display > Use component color in HLR/HLV is cleared.
Edit Opens the Color dialog box, where you can change the color.
Advanced Opens the Advanced Properties dialog box, where you can adjust specularity, shininess, transparency, and other options.
Curvature Opens the Curvature dialog box.
Reset Colors To Defaults Resets all document colors back to the system default values
Apply same color to wireframe, HLR and shaded Available in part documents, and in assembly documents if View > Display > Use component color in HLR/HLV is cleared.
Ignore feature colors (Available in part documents only.) Part colors take precedence over feature colors.
Go To System Colors Go to System Colors Options.
Store appearance, decal and scene data in model file Stores customized appearances, decals, and scenes with the model for easier sharing with others. Increases the file size of the model. Alternatively, use Pack and Go to package customized files with the model.
Automatically scale appearance textures, surface finishes, and decals to the model size Scales surface finishes, decals, and textures to the model size. When cleared, uses a default scale that approximates the real-life appearance.