If you have questions while you use SOLIDWORKS, you can find answers in several ways:

On the Help menu:

SOLIDWORKS Help This facility, also available with Help (Standard toolbar).
SOLIDWORKS Tutorials Step-by-step lessons with sample files covering SOLIDWORKS and many add-ins. Also available on the Task Pane SOLIDWORKS Resources tab .
API Help Topics Assistance for Application Programming Interface.
Release Notes The latest information about the latest service pack.
What's New A help file or Adobe Acrobat file with information on new functionality at the current SOLIDWORKS release. Also available on the Task Pane SOLIDWORKS Resources tab .
What's New > Interactive What's New Click next to new menu items and the titles of new and changed PropertyManagers to link to the corresponding topics in What's New.
Introducing SOLIDWORKS (PDF) Provides an overview of the SOLIDWORKS product. Also available on the Task Pane SOLIDWORKS Resources tab .
Moving from 2D to 3D Helps you transition from 2D CAD software to 3D SOLIDWORKS software. It compares terms and concepts, explains SOLIDWORKS approaches to design, and provides links into SOLIDWORKS help, tutorials, and other resources.
Use SOLIDWORKS Web Help Switches between help on the Web and local help.
Check for Updates Check immediately or schedule regular checks for later service packs.
Activate Licenses Initiate the license activation procedure.
Deactivate Licenses Deactivate a license back to SOLIDWORKS so you can activate it on a different or rebuilt computer.
Show Licenses Show the currently activated products.
About SOLIDWORKS Displays information about the SOLIDWORKS product, its version, copyright, and license agreement, and the active serial number. Click Connect to link to the SOLIDWORKS web site.

In the SOLIDWORKS user interface:

PropertyManagers and dialog boxes In an active PropertyManager or dialog box, click Help , click the Help button, or press F1 to open context-sensitive help.
Tooltips Hover the pointer to see information about tools on toolbars and items in PropertyManagers and dialog boxes.
Status Bar A brief description of current status and activity appears in the Status Bar at the bottom of the SOLIDWORKS window.
On the Task Pane SOLIDWORKS Resources tab :
Getting Started Opens new or existing documents, links to tutorials.
Community Links to Customer Portal, user groups, discussion forums, and technical news and alerts.
Online Resources Links to Partner Solutions and the Manufacturing Network on the MySolidWorks Web site.
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