Editing a Joined Part

To edit the definition of the joined part to add or remove components:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • In the FeatureManager design tree of an assembly, right-click the Join feature of the joined part and select Edit Feature.
    • In the graphics area of an assembly, right-click the joined component and select Edit Feature.
  2. Click the parts that you want to remove from the joined component, or click additional parts to be joined to the existing component. To remove all the parts, right-click in the graphics area, and select Clear Selections. The components that make up the joined component are listed under Parts to Join.
  3. Click OK .
    The joined component updates to reflect the changes.
The joined part is fully associative to the original parts and to the assembly. Any changes made to the original parts are reflected in the joined part. If the parts move relative to each other in the assembly, the joined part changes also.