Implementing Document Layer Defaults

You can apply document-level layer settings to each type of dimension, annotation, table, or view label detail.

After creating layers for a drawing, you can select a different layer setting for each dimension, annotation, table, and view label detail. For example, create two layers and assign one layer to diameter dimensions and the other to surface finish annotations. By setting layers for details at the document level, you do not have to switch layers in the drawing to apply custom layers.

After you assign a document-level layer to a detail type, the detail is added to the selected layer when you add that type of detail to the drawing.

To implement document layer defaults:

  1. Create layers for a drawing in SOLIDWORKS.
  2. Click Options (Standard toolbar).
  3. Select a detail, such as Dimensions > Chamfer, from the Document Properties tab.
  4. For Layer, select a layer for the detail.
  5. Assign layers to other details as necessary by selecting them from the left navigation pane of the Document Properties tab.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Select Per Standard from the Layer selection list (Layer toolbar).
    The Layer selection list includes all the layers you create as well as the options None, Per Standard, and Format.