Format Painter

Format Painter copies visual properties from dimensions and annotations to other dimensions and annotations in the same document or another document. Format Painter is supported by parts, assemblies, and drawings.

Format Painter does not support copy or paste of fit tolerances, including Fit, Fit with tolerance, and Fit (tolerance only).
In this drawing example, you paint the bilateral toleranced dimension format to the other dimension.

Video: Using Format Painter

To use Format Painter:

  1. Click Format Painter (Tools toolbar) or Tools > Format Painter .
  2. Select the source dimension for the format.
    The dimension changes color.

  3. Select the destination dimensions to paint with the source dimension format.
    The destination dimension changes to a bilateral format and applies the same tolerance values.

    If the destination dimension already has a tolerance, Format Painter applies the bilateral format, but does not override the tolerance values.
    Source with bilateral tolerance values Format Painter paints the bilateral format to the destination but leaves the existing .009 tolerance value intact
  4. Click to close the PropertyManager.