Evaluating the Cost of a Multibody Part

Run the Costing tool to determine the cost of manufacturing a multibody part.

  1. In a multibody part, click Costing tool_costing_tools.gif (Tools toolbar or the Evaluate tab on the CommandManager) or Tools > SOLIDWORKS Applications > Costing .
  2. In the Costing Task Pane, under Costing Templates, in Main template, select a template.
    The Sheet metal template pm_sheet_metal_template.gif and Machining template pm_machining_template.gif are populated with the templates assigned to the Main template.
  3. Under Body List:
    1. Select the first body listed.
      The selected body is highlighted in the graphics area. multibodywithbodyselected.gif
    2. Set one of the following:


      Excludes the selected bodies from cost calculations.


      Includes the selected bodies for cost calculations.

      Type of body

      Determines the Costing template that is referenced in the cost estimation for each body type. Sheet metal bodies and weldments are automatically recognized. You must assign the type of body for the other types of bodies in the part. To set the manufacturing method, select General, then under Method select either Machining, Casting, Plastic, or 3D Printing. If you select Custom/Removed Material, under Operation Options:

      Custom cost

      Type the value.

      Custom cost per volume

      The software calculates the cost based on the Custom cost.

      Custom operation

      Select a tool and the software considers the body as removed material. It calculates the time required to remove the material using the selected tool, which determines the cost.

      In a previously costed multibody part, in the CostingManager, if you right-click a body in General Bodies and click Change Body Settings, you can choose a different manufacturing method from the Method selections in the Costing Task Pane.

    3. Under Material, make selections for Material and Specific Material if they are not populated.
  4. Repeat the previous step for all bodies in the part.
    You can set defaults that will automate this process.
    The green message area indicates you can start the cost estimation.
  5. Click Begin Cost Estimation.
    The CostingManager displays the bodies with their types and materials in their appropriate folders. If you exclude a body from the Costing computation, it appears in the No Cost Assigned FM_folder.gif folder. Excluded bodies are hidden in the graphics area. The Setup FM_folder.gif folder has the setup costs for the part level, not the body level. The Custom Operations FM_folder.gif folder is at the part level.
    The setup cost is derived from the setup time you specify in the template.
    You can expand an item in the CostingManager to see the estimated cost of the body and the template applied to the cost estimation.
    You can return to this page in the Costing Task Pane by right-clicking a body in the CostingManager and clicking Change Body Settings.