SolidNetWork Licensing and SOLIDWORKS Product Activation

If you are running SOLIDWORKS Product Activation from the SolidNetWork License Manager, you must specify the product activation action to perform.

What would you like to do?

Move your product license(s) to a new/upgraded computer

Move the license for this computer to the license key server at Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS Corporation.

Typically, you would deactivate the license from a computer before removing SOLIDWORKS from that computer so you can later reactivate that license on another computer.

Activate/Reactivate a software license

Activate a license on this computer.

Show activated software license information

Show all licenses currently activated on this computer.

When SOLIDWORKS Product Activation is started from SOLIDWORKS (that is, not from the SolidNetWork Licensing Manager), you do not see this screen. The SOLIDWORKS Product Activation action is determined automatically. For example, you might have started SOLIDWORKS while the license was not yet activated (in which case, you would be activating a software license) or clicked a specific menu item in SOLIDWORKS (such as Help > Show Licenses ).