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Get Components in Drawing View (C#)

This example shows how to get the components in a drawing view and how to change their line font styles.

// Preconditions:
// 1. Drawing document opened by the macro exists.
// 2. Drawing view is selected.
// 3. Open the Immediate window.
// Postconditions:
// 1. Specified drawing document is opened.
// 2. Drawing View1 is selected.
// 3. Gets the root and children components for Drawing
//    View1.
// 4. For each component:
//    a. Prints whether a drawing component is selected,
//       the name of the component, and the name of the
//       configuration to the Immediate window.
//    b. Disables the use of the document defaults for the
//       the component's line font style.
//    c. Sets new line style and line thickness for the component's
//       visible edges and prints the new settings and values to
//       the Immediate window.
//    d. Prints the file name of the component to the Immediate window.
using SolidWorks.Interop.sldworks;
using SolidWorks.Interop.swconst;
using System;
using System.Diagnostics;

namespace LineFontsDrawingComponentCSharp.csproj
partial class SolidWorksMacro
public void Main()
            ModelDoc2 swModel =
            DrawingDoc swDraw =
            SelectionMgr swSelMgr =
SelectData swSelData = default(SelectData);
            ModelDocExtension swModelDocExt =
            View swView =
            DrawingComponent swRootDrawComp =
object[] vDrawChildCompArr = null;
            DrawingComponent swDrawComp = default(DrawingComponent);
            Component2 swComp =
            ModelDoc2 swCompModel =
string assemblyDrawing = null;
bool status = false;
int errors = 0;
int warnings = 0;
int lineWeight = 0;
double lineThickness = 0;

            assemblyDrawing =
"C:\\Users\\Public\\Documents\\SOLIDWORKS\\SOLIDWORKS 2017\\tutorial\\driveworksxpress\\mobile gantry.slddrw";
            swModel = (ModelDoc2)swApp.OpenDoc6(assemblyDrawing, (
int)swDocumentTypes_e.swDocDRAWING, (int)swOpenDocOptions_e.swOpenDocOptions_Silent, "", ref errors, ref warnings);

            swDraw = (DrawingDoc)swModel;
            swModelDocExt = (ModelDocExtension)swModel.Extension;
            swSelMgr = (SelectionMgr)swModel.SelectionManager;

            swSelData = (SelectData)swSelMgr.CreateSelectData();

            status = swDraw.ActivateView(
"Drawing View4");
            status = swModelDocExt.SelectByID2(
"Drawing View1", "DRAWINGVIEW", 0.104008832128, 0.1163870710783, 0, false, 0, null, 0);
            swView = (View)swSelMgr.GetSelectedObject6(1, -1);
            swRootDrawComp = (DrawingComponent)swView.RootDrawingComponent;

Debug.Print("File = " + swModel.GetPathName());
Debug.Print("  View = " + swView.Name);

            vDrawChildCompArr = (
foreach (object vDrawChildComp in vDrawChildCompArr)
                swDrawComp = (DrawingComponent)vDrawChildComp;

// Drawing component selected?
Debug.Print(" Drawing component selected = " + swDrawComp.Select(true, null));

// Returns NULL if underlying model is open in a different configuration
                swComp = (Component2)swDrawComp.Component;

if ((null != swComp))
// Returns NULL if drawing is lightweight
                    swCompModel = (ModelDoc2)swComp.GetModelDoc2();

Debug.Print("      Component                            = " + swComp.Name2);
Debug.Print("      Configuration                        = " + swComp.ReferencedConfiguration);

// Turn off using document default settings for component's line font style
                    swDrawComp.UseDocumentDefaults = false;
Debug.Print("      Default component line font in use   = " + swDrawComp.UseDocumentDefaults);
// Set new line style for visible edges
                    swDrawComp.SetLineStyle((int)swDrawingComponentLineFontOption_e.swDrawingComponentLineFontVisible, (int)swLineStyles_e.swLineCHAIN);
Debug.Print("        Line style for visible edges                      = " + swDrawComp.GetLineStyle((int)swDrawingComponentLineFontOption_e.swDrawingComponentLineFontVisible));
// Set new line thickness for visible edges
                    swDrawComp.SetLineThickness((int)swDrawingComponentLineFontOption_e.swDrawingComponentLineFontVisible, (int)swLineWeights_e.swLW_CUSTOM, 0.0003);
                    lineWeight = swDrawComp.GetLineThickness((
int)swDrawingComponentLineFontOption_e.swDrawingComponentLineFontVisible, out lineThickness);
Debug.Print("        Line weight style and thickness for visible edges = " + lineWeight + ", " + lineThickness * 1000 + " mm");

if ((null != swCompModel))
Debug.Print("      File                                 = " + swCompModel.GetPathName());
Debug.Print(" ");




/// <summary>
        /// The SldWorks swApp variable is pre-assigned for you.
        /// </summary>

        public SldWorks swApp;


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