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CreateInstance5 Method (IAttributeDef)

Creates an instance of this attribute on the specified object with the specified options.

.NET Syntax

Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Function CreateInstance5( _
   ByVal OwnerDoc As ModelDoc2, _
   ByVal OwnerObj As System.Object, _
   ByVal NameIn As System.String, _
   ByVal Options As System.Integer, _
   ByVal ConfigurationOption As System.Integer _
) As Attribute
Visual Basic (Usage) 
Dim instance As IAttributeDef
Dim OwnerDoc As ModelDoc2
Dim OwnerObj As System.Object
Dim NameIn As System.String
Dim Options As System.Integer
Dim ConfigurationOption As System.Integer
Dim value As Attribute
value = instance.CreateInstance5(OwnerDoc, OwnerObj, NameIn, Options, ConfigurationOption)
Attribute CreateInstance5( 
   ModelDoc2 OwnerDoc,
   System.object OwnerObj,
   System.string NameIn,
   System.int Options,
   System.int ConfigurationOption
Attribute^ CreateInstance5( 
&   ModelDoc2^ OwnerDoc,
&   System.Object^ OwnerObj,
&   System.String^ NameIn,
&   System.int Options,
&   System.int ConfigurationOption


Document whose FeatureManager design tree to which to add this attribute

Component or entity to which to add this attribute:

Name to assign to this attribute instance (see Remarks)
Creation control options (see Remarks)
Configuration options as defined in swInConfigurationOpts_e

Return Value

Newly created IAttribute object



When you add an attribute to a feature, the FeatureManager design tree might not reflect the new state of the model. This discrepancy exists for performance reasons (rebuilding the FeatureManager design tree is very time-consuming). You can request a rebuild after you have added a number of attributes to save time.

The attribute is created as a feature and displayed in the FeatureManager design tree, which means that the name specified in nameIn must be unique in the FeatureManager design tree for the document.

You can create attributes on entity objects such as faces and edges, on features, or on the document itself. Do not use this method to set an attribute to or get an attribute from an assembly body. Instead, use IFace2::SetFaceId or IFace2::GetFaceId to set or get the attribute.

Setting or clearing bits in the options argument controls the creation of the attribute:


Bit Value Meaning



Attribute is created hidden in the FeatureManager design tree (see IFeature::SetUIState)



Attribute is created visible in the FeatureManager design tree

For example, options = 1 creates an attribute that is hidden in the FeatureManager design tree.

NOTE: By default, SOLIDWORKS adds attributes only to the active configuration. SOLIDWORKS adds the attribute to all other configurations as a suppressed feature. You can unsuppress the attribute by selecting it with IModelDocExtension::SelectByID2 and calling IModelDoc2::EditUnsuppressDependent2. If you want to add your attributes to a non-active configuration, then the user must edit the properties of that particular configuration and make sure that the Suppress New Features option is disabled.

If you add an attribute to an entity, SOLIDWORKS strips the attribute feature from the entity if the entity is included in your export to a library feature or library feature part. See the SOLIDWORKS Help for more information about library features.

NOTE: An attribute is a feature; thus, this method respects the IConfiguration::SuppressNewFeatures setting.


See Also


SOLIDWORKS 2003 SP1, Revision Number 11.1

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