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Create Plots for a Static Study Example (VBA)

This example shows how to create plots of displacement, stress, and strain results in a static study.

' Preconditions:
'  1. Add the SOLIDWORKS Simulation as an add-in (in SOLIDWORKS, click
'     Tools > Add-ins > SOLIDWORKS Simulation > OK).
'  2. Add the SOLIDWORKS Simulation type library as a reference (in the IDE,
'     click Tools > References > SOLIDWORKS Simulation version type library).
'  3. Ensure that c:\temp exists.
'  4. Open public_documents\Simulation Examples\tutor1.sldprt.
'  5. Open the Immediate window.
' Postconditions:
'  1. Deletes all default static study plots from the model document.
'  2. Activates the Ready static study.
'  3. Meshes and runs the study.
'  4. Creates Displacement1 plot.
'  5. Changes the units of the displacement plot.
'  6. Creates and activates Stress2 plot.
'  7. Probes and annotates Stress2 and saves the probed result plot to
'     c:\temp\tutor1-Ready-Image-1.png.
'  8. Creates Strain1 plot.
'  9. Applies a view orientation to each plot.
' 10. Gets the minimum and maximum values for the result plots.
' 11. Click OK to close each message box.
' 12. Runs stress hot spot diagnostics.
' 13. Creates the Stress Hot Spot1 plot and gets hot spot nodes and elements.
' 14. Inspect c:\temp\tutor1-Ready-Image-1.png.
' 15. Inspect the Immediate window.
' NOTE: Because the model is used elsewhere, do not save changes.
' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Option Explicit

Sub main()

    Dim SwApp As SldWorks.SldWorks

    Dim CWAddinCallBack As CosmosWorksLib.CWAddinCallBack
    Dim ActDoc As CosmosWorksLib.CWModelDoc
    Dim StudyMngr As CosmosWorksLib.CWStudyManager
    Dim Study As CosmosWorksLib.CWStudy
    Dim CWMesh As CosmosWorksLib.CWMesh
    Dim CWResult As CosmosWorksLib.CWResults
    Dim CWCFf As CosmosWorksLib.CWPlot
    Dim CWProbeResultsManager As CosmosWorksLib.CWResultsProbeManager

    Dim errCode As Long
    Dim el As Double, tl As Double

    Dim Disp  As Variant, Stress As Variant, Strn As Variant

    Dim SelNodeElemVariant As Variant
    Dim SelNodeElemWarnings As Variant

    Const URESMax As Double = 1004928   'nm
    Const URESMin As Double = 0#        'nm
    Const VONMax  As Double = 284       'MPa
    Const VONMin  As Double = 0.797     'MPa
    Const MaxStrn As Double = 0.00352
    Const MinStrn As Double = 0.00000294

    If SwApp Is Nothing Then Set SwApp = Application.SldWorks

    Set CWAddinCallBack = SwApp.GetAddInObject("CosmosWorks.CosmosWorks")
    If CWAddinCallBack Is Nothing Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "No CWAddinCallBack object", True
    If COSMOSWORKS Is Nothing Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "No CosmosWorks object", True

    'Get active document
    Set ActDoc = COSMOSWORKS.ActiveDoc()
    If ActDoc Is Nothing Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "No active document", True

    'Delete all default static study plots from this model

    'Get Ready study
    Set StudyMngr = ActDoc.StudyManager()
    If StudyMngr Is Nothing Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "No study manager object", True
    StudyMngr.ActiveStudy = 0
    Set Study = StudyMngr.GetStudy(0)
    If Study Is Nothing Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "No study object", True

    'Set static study options
    Dim StudyOptions As CosmosWorksLib.CWStaticStudyOptions
    Set StudyOptions = Study.StaticStudyOptions
    StudyOptions.AdaptiveMethodType = 2
    StudyOptions.PAdaptiveConvergenceCriteria = 0
    StudyOptions.PAdaptiveErrorLimit = 1#
    StudyOptions.PAdaptiveMaxIterations = 4
    StudyOptions.PAdaptiveMaxPOrder = 5
    StudyOptions.PAdaptiveStartingPOrder = 2
    StudyOptions.PAdaptiveStrainEnergyErrorLimit = 2#
    StudyOptions.IncludeRemarkInReport = 1
    StudyOptions.RemarkComment = "Remark comment"
    StudyOptions.NoPenetration = 1
    StudyOptions.IgnoreClearanceForSurfaceContact = 1
    StudyOptions.IncompatibleBondingOption = swsIncompatibleBondingOption_Automatic
    StudyOptions.IncludeGlobalFriction = 1
    StudyOptions.FrictionCoefficient = 0.5

    Set CWMesh = Study.Mesh
    If CWMesh Is Nothing Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "No mesh object", False
    CWMesh.Quality = 1
    Call CWMesh.GetDefaultElementSizeAndTolerance(0, el, tl)
    errCode = Study.CreateMesh(0, el, tl)
    If errCode <> 0 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Mesh failed", True

    'Run analysis
    errCode = Study.RunAnalysis
    If errCode <> 0 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Analysis failed", True

    'Get results
    Set CWResult = Study.Results
    If CWResult Is Nothing Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "No result object", False

    Debug.Print "Time taken in seconds for input phase: " & Study.GetTimeTakenForInputPhase
    Debug.Print "Time taken in seconds to solve this study: " & Study.GetTotalSolutionTime

    'Create displacement plot
    Set CWCFf = CWResult.CreatePlot(swsResultDisplacementOrAmplitude, swsDisplacementComponentURES, swsLinearUnitCentimeters, False, errCode)
    If CWCFf Is Nothing Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Failed to create plot", False

    'Change the units from cm to in
    errCode = CWCFf.SetComponentUnitAndValueByElem(swsDisplacementComponentURES, swsLinearUnitInches, False)

    'Apply top view orientation
    errCode = CWCFf.ApplyNameViewOrientation2(swsNameViewOrientation_Top)

    'Activate plot
    errCode = CWCFf.ActivatePlot()
    If errCode <> 0 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Plot is not activated", True

    'Get min/max resultant displacements from plot
    Disp = CWCFf.GetMinMaxResultValues(errCode)
    If errCode <> 0 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "No displacement result values", True

    If (Disp(1) < 0.95 * URESMin) Or (Disp(1) > 1.05 * URESMin) Then
    ErrorMsg SwApp, "URES minimum % error = " & (((Disp(1) - URESMin) / URESMin) * 100), False
    End If

    If (Disp(3) < 0.95 * URESMax) Or (Disp(3) > 1.05 * URESMax) Then
    ErrorMsg SwApp, "URES maximum % error = " & (((Disp(3) - URESMax) / URESMax) * 100), False
    End If

    'Create stress plot
    Set CWCFf = CWResult.CreatePlot(swsResultStress, swsStaticNodalStress_VON, swsStrengthUnitPascal, False, errCode)
    If errCode <> 0 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Failed to create plot", True

    'Apply bottom view orientation
    errCode = CWCFf.ApplyNameViewOrientation2(swsNameViewOrientation_Bottom)

    'Activate plot
    errCode = CWCFf.ActivatePlot()
    If errCode <> 0 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Plot is not activated", True

    'Get min/max von Mises stresses from plot
    Stress = CWCFf.GetMinMaxResultValues(errCode)
    If errCode <> 0 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "No stress results", True

    If (Stress(1) < 0.95 * VONMin) Or (Stress(1) > 1.05 * VONMin) Then
    ErrorMsg SwApp, " Minimum von Mises stress % error = " & (((Stress(1) - VONMin) / VONMin) * 100), False
    End If

    If (Stress(3) < 0.95 * VONMax) Or (Stress(3) > 1.05 * VONMax) Then
    ErrorMsg SwApp, "Maximum von Mises stress % error = " & (((Stress(3) - VONMax) / VONMax) * 100), False
    End If

    ' Probe stress plot at two locations
    Set CWProbeResultsManager = CWCFf.GetResultsProbeManager(errCode)

    errCode = CWProbeResultsManager.BeginProbing()

    CWProbeResultsManager.ProbingOption = swsProbePostResultOption_AtNodeElemNumber
    SelNodeElemVariant = Array(1033, 924)
    errCode = CWProbeResultsManager.ShowAnnotationOnSelNodeElems((SelNodeElemVariant), SelNodeElemWarnings)
    If errCode = 14 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Not all specified nodes or elements are annotated", True

    errCode = CWProbeResultsManager.CaptureProbedResultPlotAsPNGImage("c:\temp\", "tutor1-Ready-Image-1")

    errCode = CWProbeResultsManager.EndProbing()

    'Create strain plot
    Set CWCFf = CWResult.CreatePlot(swsResultStrain, swsStaticElementalStrain_ESTRN, swsStrengthUnitPascal, True, errCode)
    If errCode <> 0 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Failed to create plot", True

    'Apply left view orientation
    errCode = CWCFf.ApplyNameViewOrientation2(swsNameViewOrientation_Left)

    'Activate plot
    errCode = CWCFf.ActivatePlot()
    If errCode <> 0 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "Plot is not activated", True

    'Get min/max strains from plot
    Strn = CWCFf.GetMinMaxResultValues(errCode)
    If errCode <> 0 Then ErrorMsg SwApp, "No strain results", True

    If (Strn(1) < 0.95 * MinStrn) Or (Strn(1) > 1.05 * MinStrn) Then
    ErrorMsg SwApp, "Minimum strain % error = " & (((Strn(1) - MinStrn) / MinStrn) * 100), False
    End If

    If (Strn(3) < 0.95 * MaxStrn) Or (Strn(3) > 1.05 * MaxStrn) Then
    ErrorMsg SwApp, "Maximum strain % error = " & (((Strn(3) - MaxStrn) / MaxStrn) * 100), False
    End If

    'Run stress hot spot diagnostics
    Dim hotSpotsFound As Boolean
    Dim nodeArray As Variant
    Dim elemArray As Variant
    errCode = CWResult.RunStressHotSpotDiagnostics(25, True, hotSpotsFound)

    'Create stress hot spot plot and get detected hot spots
    If hotSpotsFound = True Then
        errCode = CWResult.GetDetectedHotSpotNodes(nodeArray)
        errCode = CWResult.GetDetectedHotSpotElements(elemArray)
        Set CWCFf = CWResult.CreateStressHotSpotPlot(True, True, errCode)
    End If

End Sub

Sub ErrorMsg(SwApp As SldWorks.SldWorks, Message As String, EndTest As Boolean)
    SwApp.SendMsgToUser2 Message, 0, 0
    SwApp.RecordLine "'*** WARNING - General"
    SwApp.RecordLine "'*** " & Message
    SwApp.RecordLine ""
End Sub


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