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swsMaterialErrorWarning_e Enumeration

Material errors

.NET Syntax

Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Public Enum swsMaterialErrorWarning_e 
   Inherits System.Enum
Visual Basic (Usage) 
Dim instance As swsMaterialErrorWarning_e
public enum swsMaterialErrorWarning_e : System.Enum 
public enum class swsMaterialErrorWarning_e : public System.Enum 


swsMaterialErrorWarningCreepWithForceControl24 = Creep option for material works only with force control method; error
swsMaterialErrorWarningDefineCurveForEx10 = Define curve for EX; error
swsMaterialErrorWarningDefinePointForStressStrainCurve16 = Define point (0,0) for this stress-strain curve; error
swsMaterialErrorWarningDefineProperty6 = Define at least one property; error
swsMaterialErrorWarningDefineStressStrainCurve15 = Define stress-strain curve for material; error
swsMaterialErrorWarningDensityNotDefined13 = Material density not defined; error
swsMaterialErrorWarningEXNotDefined8 = EX (modulus of elasticity) not defined; error
swsMaterialErrorWarningEXValue9 =EX should be > 0; error
swsMaterialErrorWarningFatigueSNCurvesCycles3 = Cycle values of fatigue S-N curves should be monotonically increasing; error
swsMaterialErrorWarningInvalidLinearElasticAnisotropicMaterialModel1 = The linear elastic anisotropic material model is invalid for this study; error
swsMaterialErrorWarningInvalidMaterialModel2 = Invalid material model for this study; error
swsMaterialErrorWarningMaterialPropertyValue7 = Material property value should be > 0; error
swsMaterialErrorWarningMaterialTemperatureCurveForNitinol11 = Material temperature curve is not allowed for Nitinol; error
swsMaterialErrorWarningMaterialTemperatureDependencyIgnored30 = Material temperature dependency is ignored for drop test analysis; warning
swsMaterialErrorWarningNUXYNotDefined32 = Poisson's Ratio (NUXY) is not defined; program will use a default value of 0.0; warning
swsMaterialErrorWarningNUXYValue12 = NUXY (Poissons Ratio) should be < 0.5; error
swsMaterialErrorWarningOnlyBilinearPlasticityForDropTestStudies31 = Only bilinear plasticity is supported for drop test studies; stress-strain curves are ignored; warning
swsMaterialErrorWarningrKXNotDefined14 = KX (thermal conductivity) not defined; error
swsMaterialErrorWarningSIGC_F2LessThanSIGC_S223 = Property SIGC_F2 should be less than SIGC_S2; error
swsMaterialErrorWarningSIGC_S1LessThanSIGC_F121 = Property SIGC_S1 should be less than SIGC_F1; error
swsMaterialErrorWarningSIGC_S2LessThanSIGC_F122 = Property SIGC_S2 should be less than SIGC_F1; error
swsMaterialErrorWarningSIGT_F2LessThanSIGT_S220 = Property SIGT_F2 should be less than SIGT_S2; error
swsMaterialErrorWarningSIGT_S1_F1_S2_F2Values17 = Properties SIGT_S1, SIGT_F1, SIGT_S2 and SIGT_F2 should be > 0; error
swsMaterialErrorWarningSIGT_S1LessThanSIGT_F118 = Property SIGT_S1 should be less than SIGT_F1; error
swsMaterialErrorWarningSIGT_S2LessThanSIGT_F119 = Property SIGT_S2 should be less than SIGT_F1; error
swsMaterialErrorWarningSuccessful0 = Successful
swsMaterialErrorWarningTooManyPointsSNCurve5 = S-N curves should not have more than 200 data points; error
swsMaterialErrorWarningUniqueStressRatioForEachSNCurve4 = Stress ratio should be unique for each S-N curve; error

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