Card Editor Controls Toolbar

Use the Controls toolbar to add controls to a data card. Set properties for the control using the options in the control's properties pane.

To display the toolbar:

Click View > Show Toolbars > Controls.

Card Appearance

These controls let you control the appearance of the card.

You can also control card appearance by aligning and glueing data card controls.

Move and Resize Select, move, or resize existing controls.
Icon Add an icon or image.

Image Properties

Static Text Type text or select dynamic text to be displayed as read-only text on the data card.

Text Properties

Frame Add a frame.

Frame Properties

Tab Control Add visible (or hidden) tabs to divide data card sections into multiple tabbed pages.

Tab Properties

Interactive Controls

These controls let users:

Edit View values stored in the vault database and enter new values.

Edit-box Properties

Button Launch an application, add-in, or web page.

Button Properties

Radio-button Select a predefined value.

Radio-button Properties

Combobox Dropdown Select from a drop-down list of values you define, or enter their own value.

Combobox Properties

Combobox Droplist Select from a drop-down list of values you define. Users cannot enter a value.

Droplist Properties

Combobox Simple Select from a permanently visible list of values you define.

Combolist Properties

List Select from a scrollable list of values you define.

Listbox Properties

Checkbox Select a check box.

Checkbox Properties

Date Field Select a date from a calendar.

Date Field Properties

Card Search Control On a search card, select which data card layout to use.

Card Search Control

Variable Search Control On a search card, select the variables to search in.

Variable Search Control