Viewing Administrative Change History

You can view all Administration tool modifications by looking at the history dialog box for each tool. For example, you can see changes that have been made to file and folder data cards by looking at the Card History dialog box.

To view a tool's history dialog box:

  1. Right-click the tool and select History.
    The history dialog box shows all administrative changes for the selected tool in chronological order.
    You can display a combined history of all administrative changes by right-clicking the vault name and selecting System History.
  2. In the History dialog box:
    Erase History Clears all history records for the selected tool.
    Requires the Can purge history permission.
    Save Opens a save dialog to save the history to a text file.

    The text file is delimited with commas and semi-colons and can be imported into Excel or another spreadsheet application.

    Print Opens your system's Print dialog box, from which you can print the file.