Save As

Saves the active document with a new name or saves it in a different format for export to another application.

To display this dialog box:

Click Save As (Standard toolbar) or File > Save As.

Address bar Specifies a path to the folder where you want to save the document.

Use the navigation pane (left pane) to browse to the location where you want to save your document. To hide the navigation pane, click Hide Folders.

If the navigation pane is not visible, in the lower left corner of the Save As dialog box, click Browse Folders to display it.

File name  
Save as type Saves the file in another file format. Specifying a different file format allows you to export files.

Changing the file type hides the options for the SOLIDWORKS file types. In many cases, you can click Options to open an System Options dialog box where you can select options that are specific to the selected file type.

For option details, click Help in the System Options dialog box.

Description Saves your text in the Description field of the Custom tab in the Summary Information dialog box.
A model from an earlier version of SOLIDWORKS is automatically converted to the newer version of SOLIDWORKS when you save it. You cannot do a save as to an earlier version, and you cannot open the newer version with an older version of SOLIDWORKS, with one exception. You can open part and assembly files in read-only mode in Service Pack 5 of the previous release.

Options for SOLIDWORKS File Types

Save As Saves the document to a new file name that becomes the active document without saving the original document.
Save as copy and continue Saves the document to a new file name without replacing the active document.
Save as copy and open Saves the document to a new file name that becomes the active document. The original document remains open. References to the original document are not automatically assigned to the copy.
Include all referenced components For assemblies, copies the referenced components to the new location. Prefixes or suffixes are added to the component names, as specified.
Advanced Displays a list of the documents referenced by the selected assembly or drawing. You can edit the locations of the listed files.