Sketch Fillet PropertyManager

The Sketch Fillet PropertyManager controls properties during the creation of a sketch fillet. The Fillet tool on the Features toolbar fillets entities such as edges in parts.

To open this PropertyManager:

In an open sketch, click Sketch Fillet Tool_Sketch_Fillet_Sketch.gif on the Sketch toolbar, or Tools > Sketch Tools > Fillet.

Entities to Fillet

When you select one sketch entity, it appears in this list. When you select two sketch entities, the fillet name appears in this list.

Fillet Parameters

PM_Radius.gif Radius Controls the fillet radius.
Consecutive fillets with the same radius are not dimensioned individually; they have an automatic Equal relation with the first fillet in the series.
  Keep constrained corners Maintains the virtual intersection point if the vertex has dimensions or relations. When cleared, and if the vertex has dimensions or relations, you are asked if you want to delete those geometric relations when the fillet is created.
  Dimension each fillet Adds dimensions to each fillet. When cleared, an equal relation is added between the fillets.