Linear Sketch Pattern PropertyManager

Create linear sketch patterns using sketch entities on a plane or on a model.

To open the Linear Sketch Pattern PropertyManager:

In an open sketch, click Linear Sketch Pattern (Sketch toolbar) or Tools > Sketch Tools > Linear Pattern.

General guidelines include:
  • Pre-select entities to pattern, and you can select to pattern along either axis by setting a value for Number of Instances .
  • Select the X-axis, a linear entity, or a model edge to define Direction 1.
  • Repeat for Direction 2 ( Y-axis), which is activated as soon as you select Direction 1.

Direction 1

Reverse direction  
Spacing Sets distance between the pattern instances.
  Dimension X spacing Displays dimension between the pattern instances.
Number of Instances Sets the number of pattern instances.
  Display instance count Shows the number of instances in the pattern.
Angle Sets an angular direction from the horizontal (X axis).
Linear pattern along the X-axis set at 10º:

  Fix X-axis direction Applies a constraint to fix the rotation of instances along the X-axis.

Direction 2

Activates Direction 2 settings when you set a value for Number of Instances .

Dimension angle between axes Displays dimension for the angle between the patterns.
The value of the angle along Y axis depends on the direction of the pattern along the Y axis, and the value you set for the angle along the X axis.
Linear pattern along X and Y axes with 100º off the Y axis:

Entities to Pattern

Entities to Pattern Select sketch entities in the graphics area.

Instances to Skip

Click Instances to Skip and with the pointer , select instances in the graphics area that you do not want to include in the pattern.