Center Marks

Center marks are annotations that mark circle or arc centers and describe the geometry size on the drawing.

With the Center Mark tool, you can create a center mark or a center point on circular edges. The center mark lines can be used as references for dimensioning.

Example: Using Center Marks

Some items to note about center marks are as follows:
  • The axis of the circle or arc must be normal to the drawing sheet.
  • Center marks are available as single marks, in linear patterns, in circular patterns, or in straight or arc slots. Linear patterns can include connection lines. Circular patterns can include circular lines, radial lines, and base center marks. Display attributes include mark size, extended lines, and specifying the centerline font for the center mark lines.
  • If you dimension to a center mark, the extension lines are automatically shortened.
  • You can set an option so that center marks are inserted automatically in new drawing views for holes, slots, or fillets.
  • You can automatically insert center marks for all holes, fillets, and slots in one or more drawing views.
  • You can set options for center mark orientation and location in Document Properties - Centerlines/Center Marks.
  • Center marks propagate or insert automatically into patterns if the pattern is created from a feature and not a face or body.
  • You can rotate center marks individually, specifying the rotation in degrees. In the Rotate Drawing View dialog box, you can choose to have center marks rotate automatically when the view is rotated.
  • Center marks in Auxiliary Views are oriented to the viewing direction such that one of the lines of the center mark is parallel to the view arrow direction.
  • You use the same methods to add centermarks to Hole Wizard slots that you use for slots that are created from sketches.