Example: In-Context Relationship Conflicts

This example demonstrates the conflicts that can occur if an assembly contains subassemblies where a component with a single configuration is driven by an in-context relationship to a component with multiple configurations.

  1. In Assem1:
    • The red component has two configurations: 50mm and 100mm.
    • Assem1 has two configurations: 50mm and 100mm.
    • In the 50mm configuration of Assem1, you create the yellow component using in-context relationships to the red component.

    • When you change to the 100mm configuration of the assembly, the yellow component changes size based on its in-context relationship to the red component.

  2. In Assem2:
    • You add two instances of subassembly Assem1 (50mm).

    • You change one instance of Assem1 to the 100mm configuration.

Problem: Because the yellow component has only one configuration, it can assume only one size.
Solution: Create another configuration of the yellow component, and set the yellow component to that configuration in one instance of the subassembly.
Click Fix It in Performance Evaluation to add a derived configuration to the yellow component.