Displaying Curvature Combs

To show the curvature combs of a sketch entity:

  1. In an open sketch, right-click a sketch entity and select Show Curvature Combs.
    A comb appears that displays the curvature of the entity.

    For splines, the comb crosses the spline at inflection points.

    The comb changes shape dynamically as you drag the sketch entity and its curvature changes.

  2. In the Curvature Scale PropertyManager, move the sliders to adjust the size and density of the curvature comb.
    curvature_combs_scale_01.gif curvature_combs_scale_02.gif
    curvature_combs_density_01.gif curvature_combs_density_02.gif
  3. Click PM_OK.gif.
    The comb remains visible when you close the sketch (unless the sketch is made into a feature).