Modifying Parabolas

To modify the parabola:

  1. In an open sketch, select a parabola.
    The pointer changes to Pointer_Parabola.gif when it is over a parabola.
  2. Drag the vertex to shape the curve.
    The pointer changes to pointer_vertex.gif when you select the vertex.
    • To flatten the curve, drag the vertex away from the focus.
    • To make a sharper curve, drag the vertex closer to the focus.
    • To change the length of a side of the parabola without modifying the curve of the parabola, select an endpoint and drag. Video: Modifying a Parabola
    • To modify the length of both sides of the parabola without changing the arc of the parabola, drag the parabola away from its endpoints. Video: Modifying a Parabola Without Changing the Arc
  3. Click PM_OK.gif.