Hiding Title Block Table Cell Borders

You can hide cell borders for adjacent cells in a title block table. This lets you combine several cells with different font sizes and justification to create the appearance of a single cell.

For example, you might want to make text easier to read by bolding a heading and indenting subordinate text and also want all the text to appear to be in one cell.

To hide cell borders:

  1. Type and format the text in each cell.
  2. Shift + click to select all the cells.
  3. Right-click and click Hide Borders.
  4. Click away from the cells.
    The border between the cells is hidden.
  5. To restore the cell borders, Shift + click to select all the cells, right-click, and click Show Borders.
You can also:
  • Hide the borders of all cells in a row by right-clicking the row number and clicking Hide Borders.
  • Hide the borders of all cells in a column by right-clicking the column identifier and clicking Hide Borders.