Revision Table Dialog Box

To open the Revision Table dialog box:

  • Expand the SOLIDWORKS node and double-click Revision Table.
Enable Revision Table Select this option to manage the SOLIDWORKS drawing revision table using SOLIDWORKS PDM.

When revision tables are enabled in SOLIDWORKS PDM, the SOLIDWORKS Alpha/numerical control options are not available for Revision Table in Tools > Options > Document Properties > Tables > Revision. A message, Revision driven from SOLIDWORKS PDM appears in the SOLIDWORKS Tables Options dialog box.

Revision Table Settings

Number of visible rows Sets the number of rows to display in the drawing revision table.

When the number of revision table rows in a drawing exceeds the set number, the oldest row is deleted.

Revision placeholder character(s) Lets you enter characters that appear in the revision column of the revision table. The actual revision value replaces these characters when you change the revision in SOLIDWORKS PDM.

It is mandatory to enter one or more placeholder characters. The placeholder characters must be between 1 and 5 characters in length.

Set Revision Command Settings

Update Revision Table in SOLIDWORKS Drawing through "Set Revision" Command Updates the revision table when you:
  • Define the Set Revision action.
  • Select Update Variable in the File Explorer in the Set Revision dialog box.

Select a check box to display a variable as a revision table column in the revision table.

Revision table column Column value Variable Name
Revision By default, set to revision value set with Set Revision action. Select the mapped variable, Revision.
The list displays the variables that are mapped using the SWRevTable block name.
Description, Date, Approver Click to select a variable to be added to the column. You can also type the text. Select the variable.