Smart Explode Lines PropertyManager

In an assembly exploded view, you can create explode route lines automatically for selected components by using the Smart Explode Lines PropertyManager.

To open the Smart Explode Lines PropertyManager:

  1. On the ConfigurationManager tab, expand the configuration.
  2. Right-click the ExplView feature and click Smart Explode Lines .
    If smart explode lines already exist, click Edit Smart Explode Lines.


Components Select the components that have an associated explode step.
Apply to all component instances Copies the explode line options from one component to the other instances of the same component.
This functionality is available when:
  • The Component origin option in the Component Route Line section is selected.
  • The Components section contains at least one other instance of the selected component. The configuration and display state of the other component instance must match the configuration and display state of the selected component.
  • The explode steps of the other instances match the explode steps of the selected component.
    The comparison of the explode steps occurs in the parent explode view. The comparison does not occur in the Explode Step check boxes.
Select the subassembly parts When selected, enables you to select individual components of a subassembly. When cleared, enables you to select an entire subassembly.

Component Route Line

Bounding box center Locates the explode line relative to the bounding box center of the selected component.
Component origin Locates the explode line relative to the origin of the selected component.
Selected point Locates the explode line relative to the selected point.
Select reference point Select a point to use for the Selected point. The selected point can be a point, a vertex, a sketch arc, an edge arc, a sketch line, or an edge line.

Explode Steps

Explode Step Lists the explode steps in order.
Route line Select the explode steps to include in the route line.