Defining Variable Mapping

You can configure the mapping between SOLIDWORKS PDM variables and revision table columns in SOLIDWORKS drawings.

To configure the variable mapping:

  1. Expand the Variables node and edit the variables.
    You can edit the current variables, Approved by, Description, Date, Revision, or create new variables. You must create the Zone variable as read-only because the value of this variable is read from the drawing.
  2. In Variable name, type a name.
  3. Set the Variable type as Text.
  4. In Block name, type SWRevTable.
  5. In Attribute name, select the attribute name.
    For a custom column, you must type the attribute name that is the same as the revision table column header.
    When you use the SWRevTable block for the default revision table column, you can select the attribute name from the list.
  6. Type the file extension, slddrw, and click OK.